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The value of an engaged workforce

NRC Health offers healthcare providers strategic workforce feedback that can help you quickly and easily assess your workforce. You’ll be able to rapidly focus on improvement efforts that can increase quality of care, reduce staff turnover, facilitate culture change, improve organizational performance, and create Human Understanding.

Using a single questionnaire that fits ambulatory, acute, post-acute, and all other healthcare settings, you’ll gain an enterprise-wide view of your workforce engagement and customer-centric culture.


What is the Workforce Engagement solution

To create Human Understanding, you need to not only understand the people who are your consumers, but also understand the people who serve your patients and their families every day. Research proves that the loyalty of your workforce directly relates to care quality and outcomes—and every person in your workforce wants to be known. Understand your workforce, and in turn your workforce will understand your consumer and your community.


  • Attract and retain top-quality healthcare professionals
  • Understand your physicians’, nurses’, and staff’s perceptions of their work environment
  • Improve the care experience for your patients and residents
  • Enhance your organizational culture
  • Increase referrals from both staff and those you care for

How does the Workforce Engagement solution work

How-it-works - Workforce Engagement



Quality Recruitment

Appeal to top-quality healthcare professionals.


Staff Retention

Retain your top-performing healthcare experts through an enhanced organizational culture.


Human Understanding for Internal Customers

By listening to and engaging with your physicians, nurses, and staff, you’ll better understand their perceptions of the work environment.


Personalized Experiences

Co-design the experience for those you care for by giving your staff a seat at the table.


Increased Referrals

Gain quality referrals from both staff and those you care for.