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Identify and attract customers in the communities you serve

The communities you serve look much different today than they did even a decade ago. Millennials’ growth to adulthood and parenthood, coupled with an aging—and longer-living—Baby Boomer population means millions are now making new healthcare decisions for the first time. And increasingly, all are taking greater control of their care, doing their homework online prior to seeking care or selecting a provider, and being more open to non-traditional means of receiving care.

New customer acquisition and retention requires a comprehensive understanding of what drives healthcare purchasing decisions, and Human Understanding across consumer segments.

Here's how

Understand the key drivers of loyalty and how you compare.

NRC Health’s Loyalty Index provides a 360-degree view of brand health.

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Go to market with confidence to reach consumers in a targeted way.

The Market Insights solution is the nation’s largest consumer study for segmenting your market and allows for ad testing to go to market with confidence. Learn more →

Gain informed market expansions through patient panels.

The Community Insights solution allows you to expand with confidence through focus groups with your own patient panels. Learn more →

Own the top position in search to organically drive traffic to your website

We continuously publish star ratings and reviews through the Transparency solution, directly to your website. Learn more →

Create personalized care experiences to attract new customers.

With immediate Real-time Feedback from 100% of your patient population, you can start co-designing healthcare with those you serve, and attract new customers to your organization. Learn more →