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The Guide to Delivering Empathetic Telehealth Visits

With over 60% of consumers feeling that there is an elevated risk of COVID-19 spreading if they seek care or visit their providers in person, telehealth has become an increasingly sought-after method for people to seek care. Multiple Community Insight studies from NRC Health Market Insights have suggested that once the pandemic has subsided, many patients will continue to use telehealth—the top reasons being that it saves time, as telehealth patients don’t need to travel to obtain care, and (according to 65% of consumer respondents) most healthcare consumers would prefer not to be around sick people. At this time, multiple healthcare organizations either provide telehealth services already or have rolled out new telehealth services.

As telehealth visits become a larger part of our “new normal,” conveying empathy virtually will be essential to creating meaningful interactions with patients. To that end, the techniques detailed in our new Guide to Delivering Empathetic Telehealth Visits are critical. Click Here to view the whole guide.