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The one healthcare podcast you cannot afford to miss: Patient no longer


Brian Wynne and Ryan Donohue


Bi-weekly series, audio and video


Approximately one hour


This bi-weekly series is tailored for healthcare leaders to learn how industry leaders have overcome challenges to create Human Understanding, one person at a time.


Creating connections to drive organizational change, innovative strategies for patient retention, and digital technologies, among other things.

Lively NRC Health hosts Brian Wynne and Ryan Donohue use Patient No Longer to take you inside the minds of healthcare leaders and innovators who are inspiring a positive shift in the customer experience. Wynne, VP of NRC Health, and Donohue, corporate director of program development at NRC Health and co-author of Patient No Longer: Why Healthcare Must Deliver the Care Experience That Consumers Want and Expect, are eager to begin a new journey toward improved healthcare for all consumers, and each episode offers a deep dive into compelling strategic initiatives that impact and transform the healthcare consumer journey.  

You’ll enjoy the easy banter between our hosts, marketing execs turned healthcare thought leaders, and their guests as they provide their insights into the evolution of healthcare as it grows to meet consumer demand. The show addresses nuances and outlooks on the latest healthcare topics that will energize you throughout your day and provide you with ideas about today’s issues for tomorrow’s generation.

If you’re interested in learning how healthcare leaders approach and find meaning within their industry, you won’t want to miss this podcast series.

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