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The value of Real-time feedback: Insights from early-adopter CareMount Medical

Are you constantly having to defend data with your physicians? Do you feel like you are currently sending out a small booklet to your patients to complete as a survey for their feedback? CareMount Medical (CareMount), the largest independent medical group in New York, felt the same way.

CareMount wanted to meet the needs of their consumers and their physicians. Through their prior CAHPS program, the organization had a 10% response rate and each provider was lucky to get 30 returns per year. When their patient-experience team tried to have discussions with physicians about improvement of the patient experience, they received significant pushback based on the low n-sizes and lag time of the data they quoted. They needed a survey that was easier for their patients to complete and return quickly, and that provided larger n-sizes.

Leadership at CareMount made the strategic decision to switch to the NRC Health Real-time feedback program. This program allowed CareMount medical to reach out to 100% of their patients while remaining CAHPS-compliant. CareMount saw patients completing their surveys within 24 to 48 hours after their visit—realizing a drastic increase to a 92% response rate. Physicians now receive 355 returns on average per year.

With these changes, CareMount was able to successfully drive physician improvement. Whereas before, CareMount physicians dreaded talking about patient experience altogether, they now look forward to receiving their monthly scorecards. By overcoming physician buy-in issues, CareMount was even able to successfully adopt a transparency program, and now publicly posts physician scores online.

Leadership at CareMount is well aware of the fact that we live in a consumer-driven healthcare economy. In fact, 77% of consumers begin their healthcare search online and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. CareMount leaders pride themselves on using data to drive decisions, so they were more than ready to embrace public transparency in their patient-feedback data.

CareMount decided to utilize the NRC Health Transparency solution to post their physician ratings and reviews online for every current and potential patient to see. They wanted to make sure they were meeting their patients’ expectations and providing them with the information they needed in order to feel comfortable when making the decision to see a provider at CareMount. Transparency has been an extremely successful tool for CareMount when it comes to patient acquisition—but more than that, it has also been a surprisingly helpful tool for physician recruitment.

“We have actually had physicians say they made their decision to join our group because of the star ratings we post online. They feel it shows that CareMount Medical is proud of the quality of our physicians and that we support them in growing their practice.”

—Jason Ruda, Director of Patient Experience, CareMount Medical

CareMount is one of many organizations that have utilized the Real-time feedback and Transparency solutions in congruence to meet the expectations and needs of their internal and external audiences. Now, when they look at the breadth and depth of their patient-feedback data—while sharing it online—they are not just seeing a larger n-size. They are seeing a larger group of healthcare consumers and physicians who have made the decision to be a part of the CareMount family. Their physicians are now eager to embrace their feedback data, learn from it, and improve, because they feel that Real-time is truly setting them up for success. And their patients are noticing the difference: CareMount’s urgent-care physicians’ “Would Recommend” score has increased by 8.5%, and their medical group physicians’ “Would Recommend” score has increased by 7.9%.

Real-time feedback and Transparency have transformed the culture at CareMount, and have helped the organization exceed the expectations of its physicians and consumers. You can hear the whole story from Jason Ruda himself by watching this on-demand webinar.

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