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Want to help our healthcare heroes? Here are some ideas.

The COVID-19 epidemic touches us all. For many of us, life looks nothing like it did even a few weeks ago. That’s especially true for our heroes on the frontlines of healthcare.

Every aspect of their work has changed. Their days come with new stresses and new risks. Every day they’re sacrificing more and more for the welfare of their patients: more time, more energy, more of their own well-being.

We all owe them more than we could ever repay. By the time this pandemic is over, millions of us will owe them our lives.

At NRC Health, we find ourselves awed and humbled by the tremendous efforts from our partners in healthcare. We want to show our appreciation.

If you feel the same way, one small way to support our healthcare heroes is to buy them a meal.

Even in the best of times, finding time for a bite over a 12-hour nursing shift can be a challenge. And these are far from the best of times. By donating food, you help to save frontline healthcare workers from having to worry about feeding themselves—and you give them a small comfort in the process.

Here are some charities accepting funds to provide meals to healthcare workers in some of the hardest-hit regions of the country:

Pizza vs Pandemic (nationwide)—Get pizzas to hospital floors around the country. (As a bonus, you’ll be supporting local pizzerias, which have been hard-hit by the coronavirus’s economic consequences.)

Red Beans (New Orleans)—New Orleans has seen a dramatic uptick in coronavirus hospitalizations. Red Beans is a collective dedicated to feeding the staff who take care of them.

Give InKind (Chicago)—This site allows you to pick individual Chicago hospitals to support with a free meal for their staff.

Meals 4 Heroes & Feed the Frontlines (NYC)—Tragically, New York is the global epicenter for the COVID-19 pandemic. Their workers need all the help we can provide. These are two charities among many that are offering their support.

World Central Kitchen (LA)—World Central Kitchen brings healthy organic food to healthcare workers in Los Angeles, spending as much as $100,000 per day to feed workers. Here you can contribute to that effort.

Off Their Plate (SF, LA, NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh)—A Harvard-born nonprofit organization that feeds fresh meals to healthcare staff in five major cities stricken with COVID-19 cases.

Donate Girl Scout Cookies (nationwide)—Finally, who deserves a treat more than our nation’s healthcare workers? Wherever you are, Girl Scouts of America offers an easy way to donate to healthcare organizations through their website.

All this is to say—thank you.

In the face of such an enormous problem, buying a meal may seem inconsequential.

But collectively, these meals can feed entire workforces, freeing them from the administrative and financial burden of feeding themselves. It helps them focus on what they do best—saving lives.

For those of us without the training to serve on a hospital floor, it’s one of the most profoundly effective ways we can show our support.

So if you’re feeling as grateful as we are, consider clicking the links above. Doctors, nurses, support staff, and healthcare leadership certainly deserve it!