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What can we learn from our healthcare providers? Resilience.

No one can say when the coronavirus pandemic will end. That’s part of what makes it so painful. Months into the outbreak, there’s still plenty of ambiguity about when—or if—life will return to normal.

Many of us might feel some despair in the face of this uncertainty. But our heroes in healthcare have met it with renewed resilience.

For evidence of that, turn to stories from the frontlines, where healthcare staff are finding it within themselves to show their courage, their grace, and even some humor—all while they’re in the fight of their lives.

These extraordinary moments aren’t lost on any of us. According to NRC Health’s data, patients have certainly taken notice, and as a result they’re putting more faith in their providers than they ever have before.

In the over one million patient comments NRC Health has processed since the outbreak began, patients have been effusive with their praise. They make liberal use of words like “hero,” “blessing,” and “exceptional.” Their confidence in healthcare organizations has soared.

It’s no more than our providers deserve.

Their conduct, their bravery in the face of this outbreak, is a model for all of us. As trying as this time is, our heroes in healthcare—frontline workers, leaders, and support staff—are showing us how to rise to the occasion.

For that, and for everything else they do, we are awed and grateful. Thank you, from all of us at NRC Health.