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How to help healthcare organizations understand each patient as an individual

NRC Health’s Quarterly Special Report Roundup: Q1

To refocus your efforts as you enter the heart of the year, read our quarterly special-report snapshot highlighting how we build connections and culture, contribute toward trends that shape the work ahead of us, and put Human Understanding into practice.

Building Connections and Culture

Healthcare leaders’ Q&A talk about how to align mission and culture
Learn how healthcare executives from Orlando Health, UC Davis Health, and Nemours Children’s Health transform Human Understanding to impact their organization’s mission and culture. Discover why leaders consider every touchpoint (inside and outside hospital walls) as an opportunity to understand their patients better. Find out what organizations do differently, as they learn how to define and deliver on their mission, to understand each patient as a unique individual. Read more.

Patients are ready to engage with your social media marketing
Healthcare organizations unsure of social stickiness found the perfect reason for outreach with COVID-19 information. Our Market Insights data explain how patients interacting with their hospital or healthcare provider using social media has more than doubled over six years. That’s right: trust and confidence are growing! Read more.

Illustrating Healthcare Insights and Trends

2022 Healthcare Consumer Trends Report
This trends report, gleaned from more than 2 million patient comments from feedback surveys and more than 300,000 responses from NRC Health’s Market Insights database, will help you understand what consumers want today and where our industry is headed this year. Download now.

2022 Pediatric Consumer Trends Report
In a post-COVID world, the stakes around ensuring positive healthcare outcomes for pediatric patients have risen dramatically. Parental needs have shifted, and healthcare trends have evolved. Learn about the latest trends surrounding pediatric care deferment, the robust growth of children’s telehealth, and the staggering recent developments in child/adolescent mental health. Download now.

Supporting Organizations That Put Human Understanding in Practice

Delivering world-class healthcare to every person, every time
Wellstar Paulding’s use of NRC Health’s patient feedback capabilities allowed them to understand patient experiences profoundly. They earned Magnet designation and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the same year—during a pandemic!—grew to 100% growth by developing new processes focused on individual patients, and had 100% of their units outperform on average during eight quarters. Find out how.

How a simple program change returned the focus to patients
Need inspiration on how to reduce the workload of your staff? Check out McLeod Health’s case study on how NRC Health helped them minimize manual phone calls and bolster employee morale so they could care for the patients who needed them most. Don’t miss out on how they improved readmittance outcomes by 33.6%, with a 14.1% improvement in outcomes for alerts resolved in 24 hours. Learn more.

Providing Value to Continually Sharpen Your Healthcare Acumen

The gift of time: Reclaiming hours in healthcare
How often have you heard a nurse say, “I am out of time,” or “I can’t possibly fit one more thing back into my day?” The nursing staff has hit a breaking point in 2022—is it possible to get a handle on limited hours and put time back in their day? Learn how to reclaim hours in healthcare with the gift of time presentation.

From chaos to trends: Podcast teaches how to improve the consumer journey for healthcare
Go inside the minds of healthcare leaders and innovators who inspire a positive shift in the consumer experience. From themes, trends, branding, and even TikTok, discover the latest in the healthcare world, shaping the consumers you serve.

Leveraging patient-sentiment feedback to fight disengagement
Nurse-recognition programs reduce levels of burnout and help nurses derive more satisfaction while they provide care—up to 17%. When health systems suffer from staffing shortages, making the most of employee-recognition programs is crucial. Discover how Children’s Mercy used NRC Health’s patient feedback capabilities to fuel their caregiver-recognition programs and determine the ROI on TLC.