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It's time to elevate experience

Traditional patient experience programs only measure how you did...

Our Human Understanding Program positions everyone on your team to treat each person as unique
—before, during, after, and beyond the healthcare encounter.

BeforeThe patients are pleased that I know so much about them from the start, and I’m grateful to have insight into who they are and what their goals are. — MD, Heart Center Before After Beyond " During The right questions asked before a visit help your patient formulate a simple picture of what matters most to them. It’s delivered right into the provider workflow requiring only a few seconds to review. DuringBefore After Beyond " Using what we learned from NRC, we were able standardize our approaches to communication and our up-front processes. Patients got to see and hear what they needed, and get the quality care they came for. —Freda Lyon, DNP, RN, System Vice President of Emergency Services, Wellstar During Care doesn’t stop when the patient heads home. The right question at the right time can ensure understanding and appropriate follow up to improve engagement and ensure quality outcomes. Read the case study → AfterBefore After Beyond " Awareness and visibility are key to mobilizing resources and making real change. NRC Health gives our data that visibility, so that we can act on it and make good decisions —Barbara Burke, Senior Director Patient Family Experience, Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital Read the case study → During Timely feedback after an experience provides the opportunity for service recovery, clinical intervention, coaching or recognition when it matters most. Proven and powerful short-form experience tools collect patient responses within 48 hours and deliver them to you instantly. BeyondBefore After Beyond " NRC Health will be instrumental in supporting our strategic plan. Our hope is to build customer loyalty through personalized care experiences. With NRC Health, our Health System is one step closer. —Aaron Davis, Chief Experience Officer, UMC Health System During Healthcare is about relationships, and they shouldn’t stop at the door. Maintain long-term connections with patients and engage them in co-designing future healthcare services for the community. Read the case study →

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The undeniable economics of Human Understanding


Thriving in a value-driven, consumer-minded healthcare economy requires a revolutionary approach to care and service. To grow and retain market share, a complete picture of the evolving preferences, needs, and behaviors of your patients is critical.

NRC Health empowers you with input direct from the best source…the consumers themselves. We deliver the right insight, at the right time, to improve care, deepen connections and exceed expectations. You’ll be poised to succeed at every stage, from strategy and marketing to experience and outcomes.

Understanding begins here

Find out how NRC Health can enable you to recognize what matters most to each person you serve. Let us help you achieve true human understanding.

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begins here

Find out how NRC Health can enable you to recognize what matters most to each person you serve. Let us help you achieve true Human Understanding.

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