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Our next chapter begins.

Our patient-centered heritage inspires bold new methods and a uniquely human approach. We’re now NRC Health.


23rd Annual

NRC Health Symposium

August 6–8, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts



Human understanding.

We help you see the people you care for with greater clarity, immediacy, and depth.



The whole picture.

People are multidimensional. Understanding them needs to be, too.



The value
of now.

Real-time feedback from NRC Health takes you inside the patient experience faster than ever before.


NRC Health helps healthcare organizations better understand the people they care for and design experiences that inspire loyalty.


We help you move from
information to insight.
Illuminate the critical
moments to improve.


We capture what people
think and feel about your
organization in real-time—
and over time.


A patient’s experience
isn’t one-dimensional. We
shine light on the totality
of their interaction with you.

Choosing NRC Health:
Three reasons why

What we offer

NRC Health solutions are designed to help you understand the totality of how your organization is experienced by the people you serve. Our innovative tools and technologies help you understand the experiences of your patients, residents, physicians, nurses, and staff in real-time and over time. Both of these perspectives matter greatly, and help surface different opportunities for change and improvement.

How we think

The associates of NRC Health are united by purpose to improve the lives of others. For our partners, that translates into a deep sense of ownership and responsibility for the data, insights, and counsel we provide. We approach every partner’s business as our own. We take a holistic view, bring rigor to our analysis, and help you focus on what matters most.

What we stand for

Enabling human understanding is the promise of NRC Health. We never forget that before patients were ‘target audiences,’ ‘stakeholders,’ or ‘populations,’ they were real, actual people. We help you see them that way. Our uniquely empathetic point of view is embedded in our heritage and affiliation with the Picker Institute and its pioneering work in patient-centered care.