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Our resources will provide knowledge and analysis to help improve experiences and outcomes for patients, families, health systems, and communities. Topics, trends, and viewpoints are shared across a variety of formats – from case studies and whitepapers to podcasts and webinars.

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Our thought leadership in the Human Understanding Institute takes a deep dive into a new topic each month providing expert analysis on topics that impact healthcare. Read this month’s nSight to learn more.

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CAHPS Insider: March 2023

March 2023 insights and updates for effective compliance.

Full report: Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty

Taking a broad view of experience, NRC Health has long measured trust and loyalty through unique research that reveals how sentiment shifts over time, at both the market and patient levels.

Full report: Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty in Pediatric Care

Using statistical modeling to analyze 600,000 experience surveys across more than 40 healthcare organizations, we were able to determine that provider listening matters most when it comes to building trust.

Snapshot: Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty

Check out the March 2023 nSight snapshot!

Will Technology Save or Destroy Healthcare? A Conversation with Paul Coyne 

Listen in as Paul Coyne tackles burnout, dissects the fallacies of work/life balance, and makes interesting parallels between AI and nuclear energy.

First look: 2023 Experience Perspective

Building on data from millions of patients, consumers, and healthcare workers, and input from hundreds of healthcare executives, NRC Health hosts Gregory Makoul, Chief Transformation Officer, and Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor, discussed strategic insights and trends from our research

NRC Health 2023 Experience Perspective

NRC Health, the leading partner in building Human Understanding through personalized healthcare solutions and data-driven insights, released its 2023 Experience Perspective and trends report today.

CAHPS Insider: Feburary 2023

February 2023 insights and updates for effective compliance.

Full report: Looking back and thinking forward

This first nSight of 2023 recaps key points from each of the nSights published last year.

CAHPS Insider: January 2023

January 2023 insights and updates for effective compliance.

The flywheel in healthcare: Moving forward with momentum

Join us as we talk to Sara Vaezy, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer of Providence Health, as she shares the blueprint for how healthcare can learn from the past, build momentum, and sustain great ideas.

CAHPS Insider: December 2022

December 2022 insights and updates for effective compliance.