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Healthcare just got personal

In a recent study of more than 85,000 consumers, respondents were twice as likely to say that it’s important to be treated as a unique person in a healthcare setting than in other settings like banking, dining, or hospitality. Only 37.5% say that’s happening today.

At NRC Health we know that behind every person is a story. Understanding that story is the key to unlocking truly personalized care of the highest quality and consistently achieving your mission.

Our end-to-end Human Understanding program captures what matters to each patient – before, during, after, and beyond clinical encounters…


Connect with patients to ask the right questions at the time…

  • Understand relevant personal context to deepen human connections
  • Uncover motivators and concerns that impact outcomes
  • Discover previously invisible barriers to access
  • Capture feedback on care experience
  • Invite engagement in building better healthcare for the community
  • Encourage online ratings and feedback

Deliver the right information at the right time to the care team…

  • Give providers the ability to personalize encounters with patient feedback embedded in their workflow
  • Connect with patients about what matters to them…not what’s the matter with them
  • Engage patients and families in decision making
  • Intervene to prevent barriers or misunderstandings from becoming bad outcomes
  • Recognize and coach team members and providers with timely feedback
  • Enable immediate clinical and service recovery

Wrap it all in advanced analytics that drive quality, loyalty and growth…

  • A complete individual picture for more personalized care and better communication
  • Aggregated analytics for performance improvement at scale
  • Relevant coaching recommendations delivered to providers that need them
  • Industry-leading performance management tools.
  • Scalable interactions with patient groups to help co-design care for the community.
We bring healthcare providers
understanding as a service.