NRC Health is one of the nation’s largest healthcare performance improvement firms, supporting more than 7,200 organizations.

Our integrated solutions portfolio and proprietary methods yield insights that help clients better understand the areas that most to the people they care for. Guided by this focus, staff can more effectively impact quality improvement and cost reduction.


Letter to Shareholders from 2021 Annual Report

Dear Fellow Owners:

Behind each of us is a story. Stories that, when understood, can be a gamechanger for patients and providers alike.

Care teams understand over 10,000 medical conditions that can impact us, yet rarely are medical professionals equally empowered to understand their patients’ fears, behaviors, and preferences—the keys to opening the door and delivering better healthcare. The following is one real-life example of the powerful impact that Human Understanding™ is having on care.

Early in the doctor’s career, he met a patient who loved to ride Harleys. Understanding how many times a week the patient had been riding became the barometer for their health. The doctor started every visit with, ”How often have you been riding your Harley?” More than a couple times a week, health was good. If less, the conversation centered on what wasn’t allowing them to ride and what could be done to get them back riding. Uncovering and understanding this patient’s passion increasingly shaped a personalized care plan and devoted adherence.

This doctor has spent the past years wondering, ”How do I figure out what every patient’s Harley is?”

What if every caregiver really understood, personally, those whom they served? How much would each patient’s health improve? Would clinician burnout be replaced by a renewed joy of practice? Would the fundamental mission of healthcare be consistently fulfilled? I encourage you to learn more how your Company, NRC Health, is impacting each of these questions by enabling health systems to deliver truly personalized care powered by Human Understanding.

Michael D. Hays
CEO and Fellow Owner