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The latest news from NRC Health: May 30, 2024

Highlights from our May 30, 2024 email newsletter.

Join NRC Health for our first installment of “CAHPS Insider Live,” a quarterly webcast for healthcare leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve with the insights and strategies they need for effective compliance. Our experts will provide practical advice, answer your questions, and help you navigate the new landscape of CAHPS surveys.


Announcing the breakout sessions and poster presentations for HUB24!

We’re excited to unveil these incredible presentations for Human Understanding Beyond | HUB24. See how we’re connecting you with innovative speakers and providing personalized tracks specific to your organizational role.

UCI Health

Bridging gaps, boosting care: The UCI Health communication breakthrough


Discover how UCI Health’s ambitious nurse-provider rounding pilot program helped them close communication gaps and develop cohesive care teams. We’ll explore their strategy, show you their incredible results, and give you an opportunity to ask your own questions as you continue to strive for patient-centered care.


Empowering care excellence: Nursing insights and experience strategies

Watch this on-demand webcast featuring Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Owner and Clinical Content Specialist at Oculi Data, to understand the full scope of nursing work and how you can use that knowledge to implement proactive interventions that keep patients safe and satisfied with their healthcare experience.

OSF Healthcare

Harnessing advertising research for valuable insights at OSF HealthCare

By using NRC Health’s Market Insights and AdVoice capabilities, OSF HealthCare was able evolve its messaging and ultimately realize increased engagement for calls to action, an increase in likelihood-to-recommend, and an amazing 33% increase in consumers likely to switch to OSF HealthCare physicians/facilities.


Thank you for joining us at our regional summits!

NRC Health extends its thanks to all the healthcare leaders who have made our regional summits such a valuable place to connect and share ideas. Stay on the lookout for more NRC Health events as we strive to help you humanize care.

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