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8 out of 10 healthcare organizations choose NRC Health as their transparency partner. Here’s why.

NRC Health has quickly established itself as the dominant vendor in healthcare transparency today. The numbers tell the story best:

Of the nearly 140 healthcare systems that have decided to publish verified patient ratings and reviews on their website, more than 110 have now selected NRC Health as their transparency partner.

As the chart shows, the scale of adoption shows no signs of slowing down. The transparency movement is rapidly sweeping the industry, and leading healthcare organizations are embracing transparency at an accelerating rate.

NRC Health is proud to partner with the overwhelming majority of these exceptional institutions. Here’s why NRC Health has emerged as the clear market leader for this movement.

Industry-defining solutions

NRC Health has the most experience bringing transparency to healthcare. Our Transparency solution has been publishing verified patient ratings and reviews of doctors, clinics and hospitals since the beginning of 2013.

This experience has given NRC Health — and its healthcare partners — critical insight into what patients expect from their providers, and has been crucial in developing and refining the transparency tools that hospitals use to transform the way they deliver care to patients.

This includes live integrations with every major CMS-approved survey vendor — NRC Health, Press Ganey, PRC, Healthstream, etc. — and a handful of out-of-industry vendors.

NRC Health also has live integrations with 23 different web content management and provider directory vendors — including SIM Partners, SiteCore, Scorpion, MedTouch, Influence Health, Connect Healthcare, Geonetric, Kyruus, and many others.

To augment an organization’s reputation management efforts, NRC Health also provides a comprehensive online reputation monitoring solution, and an integrated Real-Time Feedback survey platform for hospitals to solicit feedback via text message, email, or phone call from 100% of their patients immediately after their episode of care. This drives up response rates, produces higher-quality data, and empowers health organizations to perform timely service recovery.

Bringing clarity and depth to healthcare

Other firms offer reputation management solutions, but NRC Health brings an unparalleled depth of understanding to the unique issues of the healthcare industry. No other company demonstrates such breadth of knowledge, spanning all aspects of the field.

NRC Health understands that no two health systems are alike. Acute care facilities and nursing homes will never have the same needs; large national healthcare systems face markedly different challenges from those faced by standalone critical-access hospitals.

These diverse institutions need customized solutions, tailored to suit their work. NRC Health’s tools can accommodate local, regional, and national organizations, across the entire continuum of care. Few other companies can say the same.

More verified patient ratings than anyone else in the healthcare

Third-party review sites have left a large imprint on consumer culture. Customers for all businesses — including healthcare — now expect to find reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades, and Vitals.

But these sites present problems for healthcare organizations because none of them can verify actual care experiences. There’s no way to know if a patient who left a review on one of these websites ever saw the provider in question.

They also tend to capture the extreme voices of the most positive and negative patients, and they typically suffer from a quantity problem.

After analyzing the online ratings and reviews of more than 20,000 practicing physicians, we found that Facebook leads the pack, with an average of only 8 unverified ratings per provider.

This pales in comparison to the large number of verified ratings being published annually by NRC Health. In the past two years, NRC Health has published more patient ratings than Facebook, Yelp, Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs, WebMD and all other online ratings websites, combined.

We’re currently publishing more than 600,000 new verified patient ratings and reviews each month. In fact, NRC Health recently published its 10 millionth verified patient rating, on the Cleveland Clinic website. This milestone equates to an average of 123 verified ratings per provider.

The ratings and comments published by NRC Health come from verified patients who saw a provider and completed an independently administered patient experience survey during the past 12 months. And the majority of these surveys are federally-regulated.

Trained auditors screen every patient comment for profanity, libel, or Protected Health Information (PHI) that could compromise patient confidentiality. However, every patient rating counts toward a provider’s overall rating, even if the patient comment cannot legally be shared with the public. This means that healthcare consumers can trust every rating that gets published.

Best of all, these ratings appear directly on each organization’s own website and provider profile pages. This helps paint a more accurate picture of patient satisfaction than currently exists online, and turns the healthcare organization’s website into the most trusted source for ratings and reviews about their doctors anywhere on the web. That’s an essential step toward earning consumer and patient trust.

This is just the beginning

Sharing independently administered patient experience survey data with the public — in the form of verified star ratings and reviews — is just the beginning. Patients will increasingly demand greater transparency from their providers, and they’ll reward health systems who embrace the transparency movement.

NRC Health is actively working with its healthcare partners to create the next generation of transparency tools and we are proud to be on this journey with so many of the country’s most innovative healthcare organizations.