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Achieve customer obsession

Rooted in human understanding, NRC Health’s Customer Intelligence Platform is the only enterprise solution that gives healthcare providers the insight and technologies for innovation and transformation.

Let us show you.

NRC Health Customer Intelligence Platform



Accelerate transformation with healthcare and consumerism expertise.


Guide market development with consumer and competitive insights.


Design for added value with actionable customer feedback and engagement.


Align provider and patient views of quality for co-produced outcomes.

Core Capabilities

Customer engagement throughout their journey.

From consideration to selection to experience – gain a complete view of your customers. And, strategically engage them in conversations to create value.

In-depth market insights

Know what drives your customers’ purchasing decisions and loyalty. NRC Health fields the nation’s largest healthcare consumer study, delivering hundreds of consumer attributes.

Real-time feedback captured

NRC Health generates more feedback, faster, by engaging customers when the experience is fresh, and by making it easy – with mobile-friendly delivery and fewer, more targeted questions.

Verified star ratings and reviews

Consumers seek and trust reviews. Be their trusted source of information. NRC Health seamlessly converts verified customer feedback into star ratings and reviews and publishes to your websites.

Build a virtual community

NRC Health automatically, and continuously, builds your virtual community panel and quickly engages them when you need to test or co-design the services that truly add value.

Insights that inform next best action.

Equip leaders, front-line staff and clinicians with relevant, intuitive and timely insights.

Real-time, online analytics, 24/7

Insight doesn’t require critical mass – customer obsession requires an n=1 approach. NRC Health informs you right away of what your customer is thinking about their experience with you.

Role-based views and scorecards

Support customer-centric alignment and accountability from your board to front-line staff. NRC Health provides the personalized views of data for leaders, nurses, and individual clinicians.

Candid feedback - quantified

No manual mining of text comments for themes.  NRC Health uses natural language processing to instantly categorize customer comments. Quickly identify emerging trends before they escalate.

Subscriptions and alerting

NRC Health delivers the insights you need on your schedule, as well as in response to an alerting event.  No need to fetch data.

Methods to take action.

Provide efficiency-driving technologies and techniques to improve the customer experience.

Safe care transitions

From discharge to follow up appointment, be there for your patients.  NRC Health outreaches to all patients discharged to home, and instantly alerts you to any barriers to address.

Service recovery

Not every experience is perfect. NRC Health alerts you when they go wrong and provides an inline workflow to track action taken. Good service recovery pays off.  Prevent loss, increase loyalty.

Reputation monitoring

Protect your brand.  NRC Health scans 40 third-party review sites in one dashboard. Receive alerts for all new reviews to react effectively – follow up with negative reviews and leverage the positive.

Amplify Reviews

Dynamically encourage respondents to post an individual provider review on a third-party review site.