March 26-27, 2024 | Denver CO | hosted by Children’s Colorado

March 26-27, 2024 | Denver CO | hosted by Children’s Colorado


NRC Health is seeking dynamic speakers to share strategies and insights around humanizing pediatric care.

Join us in Denver with Children’s Colorado March 26-27.

Opportunities include pre-event webcasts, event table hosts, and mainstage presenters.

  • Mainstage – These 30 to 45 minute presentations are for our most strategic and widely relevant presentations. Preferences will be given to healthcare provider orgs with an executive presenter and/or physician.
  • Table host – This speed-dating style table talk is a fun, fast-paced opportunity to share specific pediatric patient experience research, case study results, innovations, and other valuable insights while connecting with peers.
  • Pre-event webcast – In the weeks leading up to the collaborative we’re providing a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on the human-centered approach your organization is taking. This webcast series will seed the conversation and kick off group learning dynamic to make this the most compelling collaborative yet!