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ICYMI: How NRC Health supports healthcare leaders in new ways

Check out May’s snapshots highlighting how we put Human Understanding into practice.

Sharing Insights That Put Human Understanding into Practice

Upcoming webinar: “The Pandemic Parents: A Portrait of Shifting Priorities in Raising Kids.”
11 a.m. CT, June 8

We’ve exhausted stories of COVID-19’s impact on the lives of the elderly, the working class, and schoolchildren. Without a doubt, the pandemic has profoundly impacted each of these groups in both similar and different ways. We haven’t spent as much time spotlighting the effects of the pandemic on the bond between parent and child. Has COVID-19 changed parenting forever? Learn how astounding pandemic stress has affected parenting and healthy choices for children.

Will even the youngest of today’s children be irreparably changed by COVID? What does this mean for the future of pediatric care? Join us as we fill in a portrait of parenting before, during, and possibly after the pandemic. We’ll use a massive national study of healthcare consumers to explore how the parent-child bond has been altered, and what this means in terms of care delivery in the wake of the pandemic. Join NRC Health Strategic Advisor Ryan Donohue as he presents a one-hour webinar on the effects of the pandemic on parents raising children.

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Chris Bevolo’s five potent healthcare predictions are reshaping how consumers engage in healthcare

In a recent episode, “Awestruck Then Energized: Dissecting the Next Decade of Healthcare (Joe Public Predictions),” Chris Bevolo, chief brand officer at Revive, shares some intriguing trends and a few downright scary predictions on where healthcare could go in the not-too-distant future. Drawing from his new book, Joe Public 2030: Five Potent Predictions Reshaping How Consumers Engage Healthcare, Bevolo shares with host Ryan Donohue his thoughts on a hopeful healthcare world—and its not-so-hopeful alternative.

Based on insights developed by a team of researchers, strategists, and futurists at Revive, Bevolo’s five core predictions are supported by more than 250 resource citations and input from 22 industry experts, including health-system CEOs, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and physicians. The book’s purpose is to spark conversation about how the future of health and healthcare in the United States might emerge, and how individuals and organizations might want to prepare for—or even change—that future.

Discover Bevolo’s five healthcare predictions.

Supporting Healthcare Leaders in New Ways

2022 NRC Health Symposium opens executive and board-member tracks for leadership excellence
The 28th Annual NRC Health Symposium on August 21–23 in Seattle will bring executives together for a transformational event to celebrate strides in healthcare and deepen professional connections.

The NRC Health Symposium has long been the event where patient-experience and other healthcare professionals meet for invaluable connection, strategic education, and the chance to engage with distinguished speakers. This year’s theme, “Human Understanding—Connecting through Stories,” will bring high-performing organizations together to compose a plan for the industry’s future.

For the first time, NRC Health offers new tracks for executives and board members to challenge the status quo and help organizations evolve patient-experience strategies beyond measurement to pursue truly personalized care.

  • During the executive track, participants will work with compelling presenters—and each other—to understand what matters to patients beyond clinical encounters. Qualified in-person participants will each receive a custom Market Insights report from the Human Understanding Institute, specific to their organization.
  • The governance track appeals to CEOs and their most forward-thinking board members. Featuring influential and exciting thought leaders hosted by The Governance Institute, this track will explore the changing role of governance in supporting and guiding a culture of humanized care.

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NRC Health announces new appointment to board of directors

NRC Health announced the appointment, effective immediately, of Parul Bhandari to its Board of Directors.

“Along with the rest of the board, we are excited to share that Parul Bhandari has joined NRC Health as our newest director,” said NRC Health CEO Michael Hays. “Parul is an accomplished technology leader who brings a wealth of expertise on leveraging data and AI for positive impact to her new board role. Her experience driving industry solutions and engaging in digital transformation initiatives is central to serving our NRC Health partners. Parul’s appointment adds considerable strength and diversity to the board, and we look forward to working alongside her as we continue to realize our vision of bringing more Human Understanding to healthcare.”

Read more about Ms. Bhandari.

Understanding Why Consumer Perceptions Matter

Why healthcare systems should plan for a phygital patient experience
NRC Health’s Patient No Longer podcast, which creates connections to drive organizational change, innovative strategies, and digital technologies, takes you inside the minds of healthcare leaders and innovators who are inspiring a positive shift in the customer experience.

In a recent episode, “It’s a Consumer World: Mapping What Matters to Consumers Near and Far,” Ken Hughes, consumer and shopping behavioralist, shares with host Ryan Donohue his insights on cyber behavioralism, a field of study that looks at how our digital interactions affect our real-world expectations of business, brands’ customer journeys, and industry interactions. Hughes also shares his thoughts on how healthcare leaders can understand consumer behavior.

“We have to look at how digital has taken over the world we live in,” he says. “It’s a one-direction journey. Consumer expectations have been ratcheting up every decade for all of eternity. Every time we have new technology, a new channel, or a new way to market, consumer expectations shift.”

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Profiling the Patients Who Don’t Seek Care

NRC Health Consumer Expert Ryan Donohue along with UPMC’s Tom Kirby recently addressed audiences at the Forum for Healthcare Strategist’s 27th Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit discussing the importance of “Profiling the Patients Who Don’t Seek Care.” Donohue is passionate about teaching what drives healthcare deferment and why consumer preference is key to predicting future utilization. #HMP22 was a great opportunity for NRC Health leaders to network, learn, and talk to people about what Human Understanding means to healthcare marketers. See you next year for the summit on April 17-19, 2023, in Austin!