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NRC Health at HealthLeaders Patient Experience NOW Summit

Brian Wynne, Vice President of NRC Health, was part of an astute panel of chief experience officers from Allegheny and John Hopkins who discussed key elements of the patient experience at the HealthLeaders Patient Experience NOW Summit. In this webinar, you’ll hear how Human Understanding plays a critical role in the creation of an outstanding patient experience. Allegheny and John Hopkins leaders discuss why it’s so important to treat patients as individual people rather than as sets of symptoms, and go into some initiatives they currently have going at their organizations. Brian Wynne also discusses NRC Health’s mission of Human Understanding, and its philosophy that behind every person is a story. “Human Understanding is a cumulative mosaic of all of the success and failures that a person may have with a brand or an industry,” he says. “To better understand people, you have to ASK people what is important to them, really get to know them. Human Understanding is about knowing each individual’s story.”

You can hear the full discussion here.