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Pediatric Collab Preview: Leadership rounding the Driscoll way

The NRC Health 2023 Pediatric Collaborative is truly a can’t-miss experience, with exceptional presentations that will stir innovative ideas for attendees to bring back to their larger PX and marketing teams. The collaborative’s theme, “Understanding On-deck,” will bring high-performing organizations together to connect directly with their “home team” of pediatrics and collaborate with and learn from peers in an intimate and intentional setting. 

The event is set for March 28–29, 2023, at Phoenix Children’s in Phoenix, Arizona.

This year’s lineup includes a host of great presentations. Evelyn Ferrer, Senior Director of Organizational Development and Patient Relations, and Julie Piña, Chief Nursing Officer, from Driscoll Children’s Hospital, will explain how to connect with patients and families the Driscoll way.

Driscoll Health System in Corpus Christi, Texas, changed its leadership-rounding strategy following a rebranding campaign and an industry-changing global pandemic. It shifted from monitoring the patient experience to focusing on the voice of the patient and their family. In this presentation, attendees will learn how to connect through conversations, use feedback from patients and families as a real-time recognition tool, and get to know patients and families as unique individuals.

Piña says she hopes attendees will be able to identify and understand how leader rounding is part of the daily workflow of nurse leaders, not an extra task to check off as a calendar appointment.

“During rounding, you can identify how developing a personal cadence and well-scripted communication can provide a wealth of information for the primary team, such as care-plan understanding, discharge readiness, and identification of parent/patient attributes that guide us in supporting the uniqueness of patient and parent and an n of one,” she says. “In addition, leadership rounding will help with team collaboration and consistent communication, moving from a good experience to a great, unforgettable experience.”

Ferrer says that NRC Health’s 2023 Pediatric Collaborative is important because it creates opportunities and space for professional networking with a group of pediatric hospitals represented by wonderful and dedicated people. Piña acknowledges that pediatrics is different from adult facilities and that having subject-matter experts specifically for the pediatric population provides real-time education, rather than having to translate “how the adult world does it” into lessons relevant to the pediatric environment.

“If we all look at our different visions, they all have something in common: we want to bring back kids being kids!” says Ferrer. “Let’s share this passion and reenergize each other at this event. I’m looking forward to opportunities to connect with peds peers again. We are all ready to share and collaborate to continue to navigate during a difficult time, as well as the changes after the pandemic.”

Piña agrees. “I’m looking forward to networking with colleagues and getting motivational support during the difficult journey of healthcare leadership, reinforcing why we do what we do!” she says.

2023 Pediatric Collaborative

Presenter Preview

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NRC Health is excited to partner with Phoenix Children’s for the 2023 Pediatric Collaborative on March 28 and 29. NRC Health’s Pediatric Collaborative creates opportunities for pediatric healthcare leaders to connect, learn something new, and leave inspired to make a positive change. Don’t miss a chance to make invaluable pediatric connections, dive deeper into strategic education, and reignite your passion with inspiring speakers.