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Building a robust and engaged patient community panel at MetroHealth System

The MetroHealth System (MetroHealth) was on a journey to bring the “market reality” and “voice of the consumer” to the decision-making arena. They understood that to do this they would need to gather insights from the people who matter most—their consumers and patients—and this would enable them to make more sound business decisions.

From past experience, MetroHealth knew that the turnaround time of market research took too long, and it was becoming too expensive to do as many studies as they would like. Holding multiple focus groups (in-person, online, or through bulletin boards) was not always financially possible.

In this webinar you will hear how MetroHealth reduced costs and obtained more timely results by building a patient community panel through NRC Health Community Insights.


  • Understand the impact that an engaged Community Panel has at MetroHealth.
  • Hear how Community Insights has helped MetroHealth gain leadership buy-in.
  • Define how having Community Insights has created a more in-depth understanding of MetroHealth consumer expectations and is leading to greater patient loyalty.

For more information, please access the MetroHealth case study here.