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Case Study: Using real-time feedback and transparency for radical hospital transformation

The shifting of healthcare toward incentive-based payments and population health has set the stage for radical transformation.

Patient expectations are growing and the need to respond more rapidly to their wants and needs is no longer a request—it’s a demand. Organizations that are willing to disrupt the status quo and implement new ways of driving outcomes will be the ones that succeed in today’s marketplace.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) realized an 8.5% gain in their Overall Rating of Providers during an 18-month timespan. This jump in ratings exceeds the national improvement rate of 2–3% per annum (with top performers usually accomplishing a 5% gain per year). PCH is a 433-licensed-bed hospital with 284 employed physicians and 500 physicians on staff, serving over 280,000 ambulatory and 85,000 emergency department (ED) visits a year.

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