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Decade of Deferment: Profiling the Millions of Patients Who Put Off Care

We’ve maintained an intense, almost myopic focus on our patients. We dutifully measure patient experience, incessantly report on patient satisfaction and wring our hands over ratings and rankings. But what about the people who put off being a patient? It’s not because they’re going to the competition. It’s not because they aren’t sick and in need of care. It’s because they’ve reluctantly become part of a growing swath of Americans who intentionally delay care. Since the depths of the Great Recession, NRC Health’s Market Insights has studied consumer deferment of healthcare and the results – and reasons why – will surprise you. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the patients no one sees – the people who need care but have chosen to put it off – and what can be done to bring them back in the fold.


  • Learn the many reasons why people are intentionally delaying their healthcare needs.
  • Understand the deeper sentiment that powers the deferment movement and how it can be undone.
  • Identify 3 key actions that can reduce the urge to delay care and improve patient access.