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NRC Health News – January 2016


In this issue discover what trends are driving changes in healthcare this year and learn how transparency and patient experience are combining to make waves across the industry.

NRC Picker Patient-Centered Care Symposium to be held in San Diego, August 28-30

The 22nd Annual NRC Picker Patient-Centered Care Symposium will welcome healthcare innovators from around the world.

  • Discover how to effectively use experience feedback to bring joy to the work of providers and staff.
  • Preview how organizations are personalizing the care experience to a new benchmark of “N = 1.
  • Hear how organizations like yours are using real-time patient feedback and transparency.

Case Study Webinar: Embracing Transparency at Intermountain Healthcare
Find out how embracing transparency can be a “win” for marketing, patient experience, and physicians alike.

Healthcare Forecast for 2016: Top Trends Driving Board Priorities

2016 will be notable for the risks and opportunities associated with market change and strategic activity that will continue throughout this significant election year.