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Case Study: Successful telehealth, overnight

Initially, leaders at Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVPG) had envisioned a relatively modest scope for their rollout of telehealth technology, given that payers did not reimburse for this care generally. They intended to gradually ease in digital delivery for a small subset of the organization’s higher-risk patients, giving staff and leadership ample time to assess and fine-tune their approach. Like so many other health systems’ strategies, LVPG’s plan was completely upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. As cases mounted and the crisis spread, it became clear to the organization’s leaders that they could no longer afford a gradual deployment of telehealth. The entire system would need to transition to digital delivery—in a matter of weeks. To affect such a rapid transition and understand how to best partner with their patients, LVPG’s leaders turned to NRC Health.

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