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Case Study: NRC Health Community Insights helps the MetroHealth System create a robust engaged community panel

The MetroHealth System (MetroHealth), based in Cleveland, OH, wanted to refocus their organization on the “voice of the consumer.” However, due to the large scope of their responsibility—including four hospitals, 20 health centers, and 40 other sites—this was to be no small feat. They understood that to do this, they would need to gather a significant amount of insights from the people who matter most: their consumers. They also wanted to build a community of their most engaged customers in order to solicit in-depth feedback on the most urgent issues facing the organization. This job just wasn’t going to be possible with the current processes and platforms that were in place.

MetroHealth found NRC Health Community Insights to be the answer. This program enabled MetroHealth to significantly increase the number of studies deployed with their research budget, and drove up volumes of patient-survey responses. They were able to see an increase in their enrollment from 1,800 patients enrolled in three years to 1,800 patients enrolled in just one month. They were also able to see a cost savings with Community Insights, including unlimited research studies (rather than paying $20,000 per research study as they had been trying prior).

“Community Insights is great because it helps us turn things around quickly, and I guarantee I will use this information for years,” says Elizabeth Clegg, Senior Market Research Associate, Market Intelligence and Planning.

By utilizing Community Insights, MetroHealth was able to put multiple new initiatives into place, knowing that they were doing the right thing for their community—because they heard from their community.

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