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NRC health – July 2018

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Executive Q&A with Nancy Littlefield, EVP/CNO at Riverside Health System

How can you prepare for the threats emerging from the entrance of non-traditional providers into the healthcare industry? How can you break down silos within your organization? In what area can patients most benefit from innovation?

Nancy answers these questions and more.

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The value of real-time feedback: Insights from early adopter CareMount Medical

WEBINAR | September 20 | 12:00 – 1:00 PM EDT

Plagued by low n-sizes and data cynicism, New York’s largest multi-disciplinary medical group, CareMount Medical, sought an opportunity to revolutionize their feedback program and ultimately provide the care their patients deserve. Discover why they seized the opportunity to engage 100% of their customers, and the value they’ve gotten since implementation.

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