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NRC Health – March 2020

An open letter to our heroes in healthcare, consumer-research data on the coronavirus, what patients want to hear from providers, and more!

An open letter to our heroes in healthcare

COVID-19 has revealed the degree of trust that Americans have invested in their providers and your diligent devotion to the public good remains an inspiration. As you treat those affected by this virus, or as you redouble your preparation for COVID cases that have yet to emerge, we at NRC Health want you to know that you have our gratitude, our support, and our trust.

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Consumer-research on the COVID-19 pandemic

To help guide leaders’ decisions during this pandemic, NRC Health conducted a nationwide survey of consumers to learn about their perceptions of the coronavirus and how it is impacting the United States. The insights provided within this report offer a deeper understanding of the needs, wants, and desires of healthcare consumers during this health crisis.

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Patient safety awareness week for health professionals

March 8–14, 2020 was Patient Safety Awareness Week, which offers a chance for reflection. Is your organization doing everything possible to provide a safe environment, or have you become complacent? Read more to identify items to check periodically throughout the year—as well as some supplemental resources to help guide you:
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COVID care: What patients want to hear from providers

The outbreak of COVID-19 has many patients feeling anxious. It’s down to healthcare leaders’ judgment to strike the balance between an emotionally satisfying episode of care and one that keeps patients safe. To help guide leaders’ decisions, NRC Health has analyzed hundreds of patient feedback comments to identify those that mention the coronavirus.

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Consumer trends report: Removing friction

For consumers trying to decide on a provider, quality care is no longer a differentiator. NRC Health’s research has found that 85% of healthcare customers report high levels of satisfaction with their clinicians. In a field so crowded with high performers, how can provider organizations distinguish themselves?

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26th Annual NRC Health Symposium

The annual NRC Health Symposium brings together high-performing healthcare professionals to celebrate strides in customer and patient experience. Engage with sessions that will foster deep discussion on what drives authentic patient loyalty, and much more.
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CMS announces relief in quality-reporting programs

March 22, 2020, CMS announced it will temporarily ease reporting requirements for clinicians and providers participating in Medicare quality-reporting programs through at least June 30, 2020. Providers will not be required to submit quality measures for these programs, including CAHPS data, nor will they be subject to financial penalties or incentives tied to reporting requirements.

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Balance digital health strategy with generational demands

While most older patients remain wary of engaging with digital health tools, younger generations are beginning to choose healthcare providers based primarily on their digital offerings, according to a new NRC Health report. This generational gap can pose major problems for providers hoping to craft a strategy that appeals to and satisfies every patient.
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CAHPS Insider highlights important CMS updates

NRC Health publishes the monthly CAHPS Insider to help our partners stay current with recent CMS releases.

Our compliance experts review and analyze the releases and compile the information you need into one easy-to-read publication.

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