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The next level of consumer engagement

Build panels of your most engaged customers, so you can serve them better.

Traditional surveys give healthcare organizations a broad understanding of their performance. But for a deeper investigation of how an organization connects with customers, there’s no substitute for a well-designed community panel. Community insights from NRC Health makes building and engaging them fast and simple.

NRC Health recruits panel members from recent patients by inviting them after they’ve provided real-time feedback regarding a recent visit. This opt-in mechanism ensures that panels will attract participants who are eager to give feedback. You’ll have a dedicated group of advisors that will lend invaluable insight to your operations.

Let us show you.

Insights on demand

Tap into your panel community by conducting mobile-friendly studies representing thousands in savings compared to external purchased panels.

Customer Informed Initiatives

Enjoy responses from members within hours of launching studies. Timely, targeted advice from your trusted panel will guide your hand, as you design and deploy strategic initiatives for your organization.

Foster Active Engagement

With Community Insights, you can appropriately segment your panel to engage with the right members per topic. And, keep your panel updated with newsletters, send intelligent followup questions, or thank them for their contribution. These efforts can dramatically reduce panel attrition rates.

Improved loyalty

One health system discovered why East Asian patients hesitated to recommend the organization: they could not find doctors who spoke their native languages. Discovering this gap enabled them to adjust their recruitment strategy to better fit their patient population.

New opportunities

As one non-profit health system weighed the case for adding midwifery to their service-line, they referred to their patient panel’s input to confirm the market’s desire, and discern what patients expected from midwives.

Expanded revenue

A medical center in Louisiana engaged their patient panel on telemedicine price levels. They learned their patients were willing to pay up to twice their co-pay for specialty telemedicine.

Community Insights: Top five takeaways:


Trusted advisors

Build and learn from an engaged community of consumers, eager to offer their insight and guidance.


Engaged communities

Ensure that invested members contribute to panels, with targeted invitations that allow them to give feedback on what matters to them.


In-depth topics

Foster a dialogue between your organization and consumers, and come to a stronger understanding of their wants and needs.


Strategic direction

Validate decisions, and approach new initiatives with informed confidence.


Effortless engagement

Show your appreciation, deepen your relationships, and keep your panel contributing through low-touch outreach.