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Defining experiences by the only benchmark that matters.

NRC Health’s Experience solutions capture deeply personal experiences in real-time and over time. These insights power a new benchmark: n=1. We help our partners exceed the expectations of each person they serve.

By illuminating the complete care journey, our partners are able to ensure each individual receives the care, respect, and experience he or she deserves. Developing a longitudinal profile of your customers’ healthcare wants and needs allows for:

  • Organizational improvement.
  • Increased provider and staff engagement.
  • Loyal relationships and personal wellbeing.

Let us show you.


Our Experience portfolio


Need CAHPS? We’ve got you covered. NRC helps you get the most out of your CMS-required patient feedback.  LEARN MORE →

Workforce engagement

Excellent care begins with an engaged workforce. Keep up with what matters most to your physicians, nurses and staff.  LEARN MORE →


Improve the care transition process to reduce readmissions and improve HCAHPS scores.  LEARN MORE →

Real-time feedback

See inside the patient experience faster than ever. Impact processes and inspire staff behavior change to influence lasting, positive perceptions.  LEARN MORE →

Post-acute customer experience

To your residents, you and your staff are home. Deliver a better quality of life through experience improvement and increased staff engagement.  LEARN MORE →

Clinician Experience Project

NRC Health and Practicing Excellence have partnered to bring you the Clinician Experience Project. LEARN MORE →