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The value of building a virtual community

Hospital and health systems across the country are being asked by boards and leaders to create virtual customer communities.

Community Insights from NRC Health makes building and engaging your community panel fast and simple. You’ll have a dedicated group of advisors who can lend invaluable insight to your operations and help you create Human Understanding.

What is Community Insights

The NRC Health Community Insights solution offers a unique perspective on how to maximize the lifetime value of the people you already serve. You provide targeting criteria or a specific list of individuals, and Community Insights assembles a representative sample of your community that can be leveraged to answer an urgent question or monitor changing perceptions over time. Tap into your patient community by conducting mobile-friendly studies representing thousands in savings.


  • Customer-informed initiatives—Gain responses from members within hours of launching studies. Timely targeted advice from your trusted community will guide your hand as you design and deploy strategic initiatives for your organization.
  • Foster active engagement—Appropriately segment your panel to engage with the right members per topic. Keep your community updated with newsletters, send intelligent follow-up questions, or thank members for their contribution. These efforts can dramatically reduce panel attrition rates.
  • Assess the health of your brand—Explore specific questions to evaluate perceptions of your brand’s unique identity.
  • Personalize customer experience—Supplement patient-experience surveys to go deeper on specific elements and truly personalize the level of care you deliver to your customers.

How does the Community Insights solution works

How-it-works - Community Insights



Effortless Recruitment

Easily deploy custom research through a fully integrated opt-in invitation every time patients provide Real-time Feedback, or via the Market Insights consumer database in your community.


Engaged Communities

Ensure that invested members contribute to panels with targeted invitations that allow them to give feedback on what matters to them.


In-depth Topics

Foster a dialogue between your organization and your consumers and come to a stronger understanding of their wants and needs.


Compiled Feedback

We analyze and present our findings and provide you with raw data for further analysis.


Informed Decisions

Let your customers’ voices validate your decisions, and use data insights to drive your strategic efforts.