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Updated COVID vaccinations study: Have consumers’ opinions about the vaccine changed with an upcoming release?

Throughout the pandemic, NRC Health has continued to gather feedback from consumers across the country on various COVID-19–related topics. NRC Health’s ongoing study is the largest healthcare-consumer study in the United States, gathering feedback from over 24,000 consumers every month.

In this updated infogram, we now have the November data, in addition to the previously released October data in which we assessed how people felt about receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

In November, nearly 25,000 respondents across the US answered our questions on how they felt about the COVID-19 vaccine. To our surprise, the data did not show a significant jump in a positive direction regarding consumer perceptions around the vaccine. Some highlights, pulled from the data, are showcased below.

  • November national n-size = 24,898
  • 29% of Americans say they will get the vaccine as soon as they can
    • ↑ 3.0% from October
  • 13.9% say they will never get the vaccine
    • ↓ 0.4% from October
  • 25% of people are still “Not Sure”
  • Over half (50.7%) of Americans feel the vaccine is being rushed
    • ↓ 1.7% from October
  • 15.1% fear they will contract COVID-19 from the vaccine
    • 0.3% from October

The detailed insights showcased in NRC Health’s COVID-19 survey results can be broken out nationally, by state, or by large market (with over 250 responses in October and November). Although the data may not have changed much from October to November, it is important to see that there are some drastic differences by age and race across the various markets.

As the vaccination-distribution process continues to roll out across the United States, NRC Health will continue to track the feelings of the American people on this momentous issue.