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Excellence Awards reward organizations for commitment to enhancing care experiences

NRC Health is honored to recognize top-performing hospitals and health systems that have exhibited an exceptional commitment to understanding every individual’s complete care journey. Their desire to better understand the people they care for, and their aspiration to design experiences that inspire loyalty, is the embodiment of NRC Health’s mission of human understanding.

The Excellence Awards recognize elite organizations that have received the highest ratings in overall satisfaction by patients and their families.

Award winners will be recognized at the 25th Annual NRC Health Symposium on August 14-16, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee.

2018 Excellence Award Winners

Overall Hospital Rating—Small hospitals (fewer than 100 beds)

  • Top-performing facility: OrthoNebraska Hopsital
  • Most improved facility: Sutter Amador Hospital

Overall Hospital Rating—Medium-size hospitals (100–300 beds)

  • Top-performing facility: Arkansas Heart Hospital
  • Most improved facility: Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital

Overall Hospital Rating—Large hospitals (more than 300 beds)

  • Top-performing facility: PIH Health Hospital—Whittier
  • Most improved facility: Mercy Hospital of Buffalo

 Overall Hospital Rating—Children’s hospitals

  • Top-performing facility: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
  • Most improved facility: Dayton Children’s Hospital

Overall Provider Rating—Adult & Pediatric

  • Top-performing facility: Sibley Heart Center Cardiology

 Excellence in Transparency

  • Top-performing organization: Valley Health

Excellence in Care Transitions

  • Top-performing organization: Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

Excellence in Quality & Service

Top-performing organization: Children’s of Alabama