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Beauty After Breast Cancer founder speaks on the science of compassion at HUB24

Get ready to be inspired by Katelyn Carey, BSN, RN, the visionary founder of Beauty After Breast Cancer, as she brings her groundbreaking insights to Human Understanding Beyond | HUB 24 in San Diego, August 2123. Katelyn champions integrating cognitive and trauma science in healthcare to revolutionize patient experience and communication, leveraging the profound science of compassion. 

The science of compassion

With more than 20 years of experience as an acute-care nurse and clinical educator, Carey has dedicated her career to aiding individuals in their recovery from both physical and emotional trauma. She has designed, built, and taught programs that empower caregivers, from community crisis nurseries to nursing and physician residency programs. 

Carey’s research and work have had a global impact, enhancing communication and care in high-stress environments. As a speaker, author, and founder of Beauty After Breast Cancer, she has shared her expertise on trauma-informed learning, holistic wellness, and cognitive science with cancer care organizations worldwide. 

Carey believes that true communication excellence stems from understanding the science behind it and embracing a perspective shift that makes compassionate strategies feel natural and intuitive. Her presentation will explore the intersection of trauma studies and cognitive science, offering science-based strategies for effective communication in high-stress situations. You’ll learn to connect deeply and communicate effectively with your clients and teams, ensuring that you leave each day feeling fulfilled rather than exhausted. 

In attending her session, you’ll: 

  • Examine how compassion as a tool intersects with and improves communication and care 
  • Critique commonly used communication methods and examine frequent failure points 
  • Learn how to establish rapid rapport and increased focus with a stressed client/patient 
  • Explore methods that improve patient retention of medical education 

What to expect at HUB24:

  • Enhanced and diverse programming: Prepare for an exciting array of sessions crafted to significantly impact your organization. 
  • Network with healthcare pioneers: Meet and connect with top healthcare leaders and innovators who are dedicated to revolutionizing the industry. 
  • Participate in impactful dialogues: Engage in deep, thought-provoking discussions and gain invaluable insights to redefine your organization’s vision, culture, and teams. 
  • Motivation and strategy: Be inspired by our lineup of influential speakers, who will ignite your passion and drive for positive change in healthcare.

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