Meet the manager: What can I expect?

The hiring manager will spend this time learning how your experiences and strengths can enhance the role. To appropriately highlight your talents, be prepared to share your background – successes as well as challenges – and how you grew from those experiences. In addition, now is the time to discuss your technical aptitude required for the position. Remember, this interview is also your chance to learn more about the position, future manager, and team culture – so come with plenty of questions!

Tips from Talent

Ask the right questions

Ask the right questions

We know you’ve done your research and likely have questions prepared for your interviewers, but we’d like to provide you a few to add to your list. After all, this is your time to share your voice.

  • How do you see NRC Health positioning itself in the healthcare market?
  • Where and how does your role fit into the goals of NRC Health?
  • How have you seen your position grow at NRC Health?
  • What makes you feel successful at the end of the day?

Personal follow-up speaks volumes

Personal follow-up speaks volumes

Once you’ve completed your interview, don’t be shy about sending a thank you note to your interviewers to differentiate you from the other candidates.

Determine if NRC Health is ultimately the place for you. Do the aspects of NRC Health (culture, travel, career path, job expectations) fit your needs? Consider recapping these thoughts for your interview team.

Zoom tips

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection. Use an ethernet cable if necessary.
    Test your sound!
  • Turn off notifications and put your phone on do not disturb/silent mode.
  • Prepare your space: quiet, good lighting, and tidy up the area or consider using a virtual background.
  • Log on 5-10 minutes early to ensure your software works correctly.
  • After you hang up, pause a few seconds to ensure you have fully left the call.


Just for fun: the ABCs of NRC Health

Healthcare jargon can be well, jargon, and a little confusing. We’ve provided some acronyms and their meanings to better help you in conversations today:

CSM – Customer Success Manager
CS – Customer Strategist
ADM – Account Development Manager
AC – Account Coordinator
RFP – Request for Proposal
LOA – Letter of Agreement
Growth Team – Traditional sales and customer success functions

CAHPS – Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
VBP – Value-Based Purchasing
CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
PCP – Primary Care Physician
NPS – Net Promoter Score
TGI – The Governance Institute
VOC – Voice of the Customer


We’re all about transparency at NRC Health – that’s why we’re providing you a chance to peak behind the curtain and see what it’s really like to work here. Throughout your hiring journey, we’ll highlight one of our four culture pillars that guide our days:

Think boldly

it’s OK to. . .

  • Challenge ideas you’re not comfortable with – Discussion leads to better outcomes
  • Offer feedback on others’ work – Voice your thoughts, even if they go against the grain
  • Talk with leadership – We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, jokes & more. Your voice matters!