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HUB23 Preview: Hannah Fry

Human Understanding Beyond | HUB23 — NRC Health’s 29th annual conference, is set for August 9–11, 2023, in Boston. At HUB23, you’ll engage in thoughtful discussion, learn how to transform healthcare with inspiring presenters, and discover innovative solutions for personalizing care, empowering caregivers, and restoring the human connection between patients and providers.

Join the Human Understanding movement to transform healthcare, create better patient outcomes and experiences, and strengthen your organization’s brand and bottom line.

At HUB23, you’ll find expanded, dynamic programming focused on bringing impact to your organization. And you’ll connect with healthcare leaders and innovators committed to revolutionizing healthcare.

Let’s transform healthcare together at HUB23

HUB23 will set the stage to improve healthcare experiences for patients, providers, caregiving teams, health systems, and communities.

Here’s a preview of one of our keynote presentations:

Hannah Fry, Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London, will joyfully present mathematical ideas in ways you’ve never seen before.

Hannah studies patterns in human behavior and demystifies figures and data.  She’s a mathematician, best-selling author, award-winning science presenter, host of popular podcasts and TV shows, and a cancer survivor. 

At HUB23 Hannah will discuss data and bias.

Data has an unearned aura of objectivity. Statistics certainly has the power to illuminate, but when collected without care, it can also exclude and discriminate. Our insatiable appetite to turn the world into something that can be counted can force a gap between what matters and what can be measured. 

In this talk, with wit and warmth, Hannah will look at some of the ways that bias has become such a profound modern issue, how it can be amplified, the ways in which it causes genuine harm and what we can do about it. She’ll carefully examine the issue of fairness – how it can be defined and whether it can be achieved, and build a persuasive picture of why who can and cannot be counted is one of the defining issues of our days.