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HUB23 Preview: Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP

HUB23 Preview: Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP

Human Understanding Beyond | HUB23 — NRC Health’s 29th annual conference, is set for August 9–11, 2023, in Boston. At HUB23, you’ll engage in thoughtful discussion, learn how to transform healthcare with inspiring presenters, and discover innovative solutions for personalizing care, empowering caregivers, and restoring the human connection between patients and providers.

Join the Human Understanding movement to transform healthcare, create better patient outcomes and experiences, and strengthen your organization’s brand and bottom line.

At HUB23, you’ll find expanded, dynamic programming focused on bringing impact to your organization. And you’ll connect with healthcare leaders and innovators committed to revolutionizing healthcare.

Let’s transform healthcare together at HUB23

HUB23 will set the stage to improve healthcare experiences for patients, providers, caregiving teams, health systems, and communities.

Here’s a preview of one of our keynote presentations:

“To Care is Human: Transforming the Human Experience Starts with YOU,” presented by Jason A. Wolf., PhD., CPXP, President and CEO of The Beryl Institute, Founder and President of Patient Experience Institute and Founding Editor of Patient Experience Journal. 

The healthcare experience is broad and encompassing, yet it, too, is personal and intimate. In committing to transforming the human experience in healthcare and beyond, we must look to what inspires and impacts us and act to care for and impact others. In healthcare, we are, at our essence, human beings caring for human beings. We’ll discuss what each of us can and must do to lead a commitment to care for our patients and families, support our workforce, and honor our communities.

You’ll be able to define and apply the concepts of patient and human experience, describe the perspectives of healthcare consumers, and the actions needed to address patient, family care, partner, and community needs. And recognize how you matter in driving experience excellence and what it takes to support and sustain this commitment.

A radical catalyst for organizational health and effectiveness, Wolf has led the organization’s global growth and will offer deep insights into improving the patient experience.