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HUB23 Preview: Susan B. Frampton, Ph.D.

Human Understanding Beyond | HUB23 — NRC Health’s 29th annual conference, is set for August 9–11, 2023, in Boston. At HUB23, you’ll engage in thoughtful discussion, learn how to transform healthcare with inspiring presenters, and discover innovative solutions for personalizing care, empowering caregivers, and restoring the human connection between patients and providers.

Join the Human Understanding movement to transform healthcare, create better patient outcomes and experiences, and strengthen your organization’s brand and bottom line.

At HUB23, you’ll find expanded, dynamic programming focused on bringing impact to your organization. And you’ll connect with healthcare leaders and innovators committed to revolutionizing healthcare.

Let’s transform healthcare together at HUB23

HUB23 will set the stage to improve healthcare experiences for patients, providers, caregiving teams, health systems, and communities.

Here’s a preview of one of our closing presentations:

“The Ideal Combination: Human Understanding & Quality and Safety” presented by Susan B. Frampton, Ph.D., President of Planetree International.  

Person-centered care and quality & safety are not mutually exclusive concepts, but rather perfect partners working in combination to transform healthcare into a humanistic, compassionate, and healing experience.  

Throughout this session, Dr. Frampton will explore the themes learned, discussed, and shared throughout the sessions at HUB23, and their importance in creating a person-centered culture. Attendees will also examine the connection between person-centered care and quality & safety and discover actionable steps to transform healthcare.  

Planetree International is a non-profit advocacy and membership organization that works with healthcare provider organizations across the continuum to implement comprehensive person-centered models of care.