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Human Understanding Beyond | HUB23 preview: Engaging presentations planned for Consumer Track

NRC Health’s 29th annual conference, Human Understanding Beyond | HUB23, is set to take place August 9–11, 2023, in Boston. The event will cover innovative solutions for personalizing care, empowering caregivers, and restoring the human connection between patients and providers.

HUB23 is designed to bring motivating messages, thoughtful discussions, moving experiences, and unprecedented networking connections to assist your executive leadership, PX, and marketing teams.

This year’s conference will include new custom tracks:

  • Fundamentals first: Learn the essentials health systems need to move the dial within patient experience.
  • Expanded executive track: Understand strategic opportunities and challenges at the C-suite level.
  • Marketing/consumer track: Discover NRC Health’s Human Understanding Program’s marketing capabilities.
  • Poster sessions: Share patient-experience research, case-study results, and valuable insights to improve the human experience in healthcare.

Below you’ll find a preview of the presentations in the Consumer Track.

Let’s transform healthcare together at HUB23

HUB23 will set the stage to improve healthcare experiences for patients, providers, caregiving teams, health systems, and communities.

Consumer Track Breakouts:

“To Move Business, You Must Move People (And to Move People, You Have to Know them First),” presented by Jason Brown, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Brown Parker and DeMarinis Advertising, and Nicole Baxter, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, HCA Healthcare. 

HCA needed a breakthrough. They were rebranding in highly saturated, highly competitive markets—so they couldn’t simply introduce themselves. They had to show up and stand out in a sea of sameness. 

But before they could ask their HCA employees to show up for the communities they serve as one unified brand, they needed those internal stakeholders to show up for each other. They needed a collective rally, a shared source of pride and belonging that their teams could extend to the broader community.  

How did they engage multiple audiences and create impact from the inside out? They started with Human Understanding. The innovative, creative solution and message were grounded in NRC’s data, proprietary insight, and strategy. HCA deeply understood its audiences and knew how to make meaningful connections that would lead to profound growth. And after they launched a campaign that resulted in an unexpected breath of fresh air in the category, they continued to leverage NRC Health’s data to track performance and growth. Discover how powerful data and Human Understanding can be when you add creativity. Learn why your internal stakeholders should be your first, most important audience, and how the right foundational data can inspire breakthroughs in a highly competitive, noisy space. 

“Just Tell Me: Reducing the Burden of Wait Times through Communication,” presented by the Allina Health team of Sarah Arnold, Senior Consumer Experience Advisor; Lucas Laue, Patient Care Manager, Emergency Department; Tracy Laibson, Director of Consumer Experience Strategy and Insights; and Carol Koeppel-Olsen, RN MSN NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer. 

A patient’s experience during a wait for or during care is critical to the overall perception of their healthcare encounter. According to Allina Health’s NRC Health data, wait times (and related categories of responsiveness and admit/check-in) were a key experience driver across service areas in 2021. They remained the top opportunity for the health system in 2022. We also know that patients are comparing their healthcare experiences to outside industries, which makes managing the wait-time experience in healthcare more challenging than ever before. 

Allina’s Wait Time Transparency initiative included developing a system-wide communications toolkit and digital solutions to set expectations and provide proactive and empathetic communication throughout the care experience. During this presentation, a panel of perspectives, comprised of consumer experience and clinical leaders, will discuss how they partnered to approach the work and used human-centered design strategies to bring the system-wide vision for the wait-time experience at Allina Health to life. As part of the session, the team will step through the human-centered design approach so that attendees can leverage the learnings for future use. NRC Health experience data and insights were leveraged throughout this program to measure success across locations and to provide a rich context for the wait-experience initiative’s efforts.

“From 3 to 30,000: Ditching PFACs and Amplifying Diverse, Activated Patient Voices to Co-design Care Experiences,” presented by the UC Davis team of Jennifer Baron, CPXP, Chief Experience Officer; Cindy Ricciuti-Brown, CPXP, Director, Experience Design Insights and Capabilities; and Jeff Mansfield, Organization Consultant, Voice of Customer.   

While a PFAC can help to deliver a patient perspective, they often fail to deliver a broad diversity of voice. The UC Davis team will discuss an alternative and explain how their system constructed a new approach to capture truly diverse patient perspectives through a strategy, that is both dynamic and flexible, allowing patients to truly participate in the decision-making of their healthcare system.   

UC Davis will share how to build a patient community that elevates patient voices and supports the co-design of care experiences. As part of the presentation attendees will learn how to leverage diverse voices to excite leaders and care team members, and inform strategic and tactical organizational decision-making. Learn how to dynamically engage a patient community to inform the human-centered design to enable Human Understanding. 

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HUB23 will set the stage to improve healthcare experiences for patients, providers, caregiving teams, health systems, and communities.   

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