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ICYMI: Discover how NRC Health helps healthcare leaders evolve

Check out June’s snapshots highlighting how we put Human Understanding into practice.

Connecting through Stories of Human Understanding

Transformative. Interactive. Inspiring. These are just a few of the words past attendees have used to describe NRC Health’s annual symposium, which brings together the nation’s highest-regarded healthcare marketing and experience professionals. NRC Health will host its 28th annual event on August 21–23 in Seattle—and registration is open.

The theme, “Human Understanding—Connecting through Stories,” will bring high-performing organizations together to compose a plan for the industry’s future. NRC Health’s Symposium will offer invaluable networking opportunities, inspiring strategic education, and internationally acclaimed speakers.

Learn from international speakers you won’t want to miss, including:

  • Sekou Andrews, CEO of SekouWorld, Inc., is one of the most successful spoken-word poets globally. He will inspire you with his cutting-edge style that seamlessly fuses inspirational speaking with spoken-word poetry—like Hamilton meets TED. Read more about Sekou Andrews.
  • “The Patient as an Active Partner.” “e-Patient Dave”, cancer survivor and TEDTalk speaker, explains why Human Understanding is essential to healthcare sustainability. Read more about e-Patient Dave.
  • “The Nordstrom Way to Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture” with Robert Spector, thought-leader and author of the business classic The Nordstrom Way: The Inside Story of America’s #1 Customer Service Company. Read more about Robert Spector

For the first time, NRC Health offers new tracks for executives and board members to challenge the status quo and help organizations evolve patient-experience strategies beyond measurement to pursue truly personalized care.

During the executive track, participants will work with compelling presenters—and each other—to understand what matters to patients beyond clinical encounters. Qualified in-person participants will receive a custom Market Insights report from the Human Understanding Institute, specific to their organization.

  • “Re-establishing Experience as a Mission Critical Growth Strategy” with Brian Paradis, CPA, CMA, CEO and Founder, CSuite Growth Advisors
  • “The Strategy of Personalized Care” with Susan Edgman-Levitan, PA, Executive Director of the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, Mass General Hospital
  • “The Fifth Revolution: Human Understanding as a Key Competitive Advantage” with Jorge Torres, MBA, MEM, Managing Partner, Virtus Partners.

The governance track appeals to CEOs and their most forward-thinking board members. Featuring influential and exciting thought-leaders hosted by The Governance Institute, this track will explore the changing role of governance in supporting and guiding a culture of humanized care.

  • “How Enhancing Sustainability Can Improve the Bottom Line, Employee Retention, and Customer Satisfaction” with Liz Sweeney, President, Nutshell Associates, LLC
  • “Regaining the Power of Imagination to Govern in a New Reality” with Brian Paradis, CPA, CMA, CEO and Founder, CSuite Growth Associates
  • “What Matters to You: Supporting a Culture of Humanized Care” with Susan Edgman-Levitan, PA, Executive Director of the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, Mass General Hospital

Don’t miss out! Register today.

How Hospitals Can Thrive and Provide Value Post-COVID

NRC Health’s Patient No Longer podcast, which creates connections to drive organizational change, innovative strategies, and digital technologies, takes you into the minds of healthcare leaders and innovators who inspire a positive shift in the customer experience.

In a recent episode, MultiCare’s Bill Robertson shares his thoughts with host Ryan Donohue on how healthcare leaders can reframe success after COVID. Richardson says that MultiCare’s “Winning the Peace” construct articulates that 75% of what they’re focusing on is how to restore hope in a workforce that has experienced incredible trauma during COVID.

“How do we restore hope?” he asks. “How do we engage people in a way that allows them to see a future in healthcare at MultiCare? That takes being present. The second piece of leadership is to define reality and inspire hope. We’re really proactively seeking to show up and listen. We tried to do that during COVID, but it was more difficult.”

Check out how MultiCare, a learning organization, does healthcare differently in this Patient No Longer episode.

How the Amazing Power of Technology Will Enable Healthcare to Connect Better

Chris DuFresne, Vice President of Experience and Marketing Operations for Allina Health in Minneapolis, shares his thoughts with host Ryan Donohue around how technology better connects us to patients on another episode of NRC Health’s Patient No Longer podcast.

“It’s super important to drive adoption and ultimately have a seamless experience,” DuFresne says. “If I need a strep test for my kid, knowing healthcare companies were doing all these COVID tests curbside earlier, why can’t you do a quick strep test curbside, so I don’t have to get my kid out of the car seat, lug them in, or do registration? We must think about things differently, and more as our consumers do.”

DuFresne says it’s just really important that we continue to look at how to integrate technology better, because it’s not just about technology. “It’s about the human connection, and technology is an enabler,” he says. “If we can know more about our consumers and personalize their experience, we can use data to make communications more relevant.”

Discover how Allina Health measures the patient experience, and how a CRM integration may unlock better personalization, in this episode of Patient No Longer.