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Let Patients Help: ePatient Dave shares the missing components to extraordinary patient engagement

Dave deBronkart, known as “e-Patient Dave,” will talk about the role Human Understanding plays in healthcare sustainment during NRC Health’s 28th Annual Symposium on August 21–23 in Seattle. deBronkart is a cancer survivor and TED Talk speaker and will talk about “The Patient as an Active Partner.”  

An accomplished speaker and writer in his professional life before his illness, deBrokart is actively engaged in opening healthcare information directly to patients to an unprecedented degree, thus creating a new dynamic in how information is delivered, accessed, and used by patients. This is revolutionizing the relationship between patients and healthcare providers, which will impact insurance, jobs, quality of life, and the distribution of finances across the entire spectrum of healthcare to come. 

deBronkart is the author of Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbookand one of the world’s leading advocates for patient engagement. After beating stage IV kidney cancer in 2007, he became a blogger, health-policy advisor, and international keynote speaker. He has a new book on the way—Superpatients, the story of ten ordinary people without medical training who, when faced with the prognosis of “there’s nothing more we can do,” got to work and extended medical science for themselves or a loved one. 

A co-founder and chair emeritus of the Society for Participatory Medicine, e-Patient Dave has appeared in Time, U.S. News, USA Today, Wired, MIT Technology Review, and the HealthLeaders cover story, “Patient of the Future.” His writings have been published in the British Medical Journal, the Patient Experience Journal, iHealthBeat, and the American Society for Clinical Oncology’s conference journal. Dave’s TED Talk Let Patients Helpwent viral and for years was in the top half of the most viewed TED Talks of all time with more than a half-million views; volunteers have added subtitles in 26 languages, indicating the global appeal of his message.

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