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Not just the numbers: Enriched insights through Real-time Feedback

The University of Missouri Health Care (MU Health) is a five-hospital health system with 602 beds and more than 200,000 patients every year.

MU Health has a wealth of data about patient experience. When MU Health’s experience team showed this data to clinicians, many reported feeling overwhelmed. Clinicians had trouble finding actionable information to improve their practice.

What they needed was a clear and comprehensible narrative. The human story behind the figures is what could guide MU Health’s clinicians to stronger performance. The answer was NRC Health’s Real-time feedback solution with rich patient-experience data, enabling MU Health’s experience team to design custom coaching programs that achieved dramatic service improvements.

“Our physicians reported frustration: ‘We just get the numbers.’ They wouldn’t know what to do with the data. There was a feeling of hopelessness from too much information. By combining NRC Health’s Real-time feedback with data from our own internal data warehouse, we were able to fix that.”

–Jeffrey Robbins, CPXP, Coordinator of Patient Experience Improvement, MU Health

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