Nurse-provider rounding pilot boosts communication and NPS at UCI Health

Part of becoming the friendliest, most accessible academic health system in the nation, UCI Health leaders recognize that effective communication between care teams is important for patient-centered care and overall hospital performance.

A model of personalized care to drive Human Understanding®

Bryan Health’s core values elevates empathy and aligns with NRC Health’s key concepts of Human Understanding —Connect with Me, Listen to Me, and Partner with Me—which became the basis of refreshing their personalized patient-care model.

OSF HealthCare harnesses new advertising research for valuable insights

The OSF HealthCare marketing strategy, beyond market research and consumer insights, puts the consumer at the center of everything the organization does, to drive patient volume and deliver on the organization’s promise to serve with the greatest care and love.

Improving parental involvement for better NPS at Children’s Minnesota

Leaders at Children’s Minnesota built strategies to achieve remarkable results to provide the best possible care and empower care teams.

How the Human Understanding Metric + strategy boosts NPS

See how two leading health systems leverage Human Understanding® to increase Net Promoter Scores.

Innovative advertising testing research shows valuable results for OSF HealthCare

OSF HealthCare aimed to improve awareness, preference, image, reputation, and advertising recall—testing five service lines simultaneously and against each other.

Virtua Health’s personalized care boosts customer retention and brand loyalty

Using NRC Health’s capabilities, Virtua Health can now know its consumers better in order to design experiences that inspire loyalty and create Human Understanding.

Wellstar Paulding Hospital delights in its performance and nursing excellence capability

Learn how Magnet recognition provides Wellstar Paulding Hospital’s community with the ultimate benchmark to measure the quality of patient care.

McLeod Health’s focus on care transitions increased patient experience scores

The methodical work of McLeod Health has created broad successful outcomes for patients and a culture of continuous improvement across the health system.

Patient experience solution increases rapid cycle improvement for Magnet redesignation

Dayton Children’s Hospital leadership found all the innovative, forward-thinking functionality needed to achieve their Magnet redesignation through NRC Health’s experience solution.

Pursuing healthcare equity with focus on patient feedback

To improve the experience for Spanish speakers, leaders needed to drive these response rates up. To do that, they turned to NRC Health.

A master-class in rapid innovation

Following telehealth’s rapid and expansive development at OrthoNebraska, the organization’s leaders had a reaction shared by many patients.