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NRC Health unveils winners of 2022 annual awards programs

NRC Health, the leading partner in building Human Understanding through personalized healthcare solutions and data-driven insights, today announced the 2022 winners of its annual awards programs, the Consumer Loyalty Awards and the Excellence in Patient Experience Awards, formerly known as the Excellence Awards. NRC Health’s loyalty-based hospital ranking recognizes the top 100 healthcare facilities, including the top 10 Best-In-Class winners, that are working to cultivate and maintain long-lasting loyalty among their patient populations. This year’s Excellence in Patient Experience honorees have been recognized for their efforts to consistently deliver outstanding patient experiences across the care continuum.

Consumer Loyalty Awards

If the last couple years of the pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that healthcare providers have gone above and beyond in the line of duty for their patients. Even in the midst of chaos and a declining era of Net Promoter Scores (NPS), this year’s NRC Health Consumer Loyalty Award winners are leading the charge in making necessary consumer-driven improvements and a better patient experience a reality for consumers and patients alike.

“Hospitals and health systems have experienced enormous strain these last two years, from competing against an increasing number of virtual care services to widespread staffing shortages and more,” said Helen Hrdy, Chief Growth Officer at NRC Health. “Healthcare organizations have their work cut out for them as the industry continues to evolve post-pandemic, which makes the progress these winning institutions have made in not only building – but sustaining – consumer loyalty all the more commendable. Our hats off to the winners and keep up the great work.”

The list of this year’s top 10 best-in-class winners features both new and repeat honorees, including Mayo Clinical Hospital – Florida, Pennsylvania Hospital, Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania, University of Utah Hospital, Mayo Clinic Hospital – Rochester, Morristown Medical Center, University Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, The Christ Hospital, California Hospital Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital.

The 100 top-performing hospitals in the country are identified through NRC Health’s Market Insights survey, the nation’s largest healthcare consumer-perception survey which annually measures the opinions of more than 300,000 consumers in over than 300 markets across the 48 contiguous United States. Learn more about the qualification criteria here.

Excellence In Patient Experience Awards

While the need to improve the patient experience across the entire healthcare journey has been top of mind in the industry for some time, the last two years highlighted just how much work there is left to be done. In order to cultivate a strong patient experience, organizations must focus on each unique individual that crosses their threshold, providing them with a personalized care encounter that targets their healthcare needs holistically. Winners of the NRC Health 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Awards accomplished just that.

“In an ever evolving and often challenging industry, we welcome the opportunity to honor those organizations that exemplify excellence in patient experience and fully embody our mission of bringing Human Understanding into healthcare,” said Helen Hrdy, Chief Growth Officer at NRC Health. “The eight winning healthcare organizations continue to go above and beyond for their patients, and we’re proud to recognize their continued efforts to ensure quality, equitable access to care for everyone.”

This year’s winners include Hawai’i Pacific Health, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Mercy, and Northwest Community Healthcare as well as repeat winners from last year, Wabash General Hospital, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Scottish Rite for Children and Tryon Medical Partners.

The Excellence in Patient Experience Awards are based on NPS scores from a direct to patient survey surrounding the question of whether a patient is willing to recommend a healthcare organization to others in their community.

To see if your local hospital is a 2022 honoree, see the full lists of winning organizations for both the 2022 Consumer Loyalty Awards and the 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Awards.