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NRC Health’s Symposium offers empowering stories from compelling speakers to encourage you

You won’t want to miss NRC Health 28th Annual Symposium, packed with motivating messages that will stir novel ideas for you to bring back to your larger PX and marketing teams. The Symposium’s theme, “Human Understanding—Connecting through Stories,” will bring forward-thinking organizations together to compose a plan for the industry’s future.

The annual special event will be August 21–23 in Seattle—and there’s still time to register! Here are some highlights from the innovative breakout sessions:

“Connect & Transparency: Programs Used Together to Enhance Communication for Patients”

Kathy Denton, Ph.D., CPHQ, SSBB, CPXP, Director Patient Experience, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Janice Finder, RN, MSN, Executive Director, University of Texas MD Anderson

University of Texas MD Anderson Hospital System has two programs that you’ll want to learn to improve communication scores and enhance the patient experience. Cancer can be complicated, and this presentation will teach you how to initiate programs, monitor metrics, share inpatient and outpatient tools to improve metrics across the care continuum, and enable staff and providers to improve their communication and recognize their patients’ concerns. Find out how these critical programs work, along with the best methods to convey comments to the care team.

“Learning How to Own It: Designing a Service Recovery System”

Katie Lamoreux, Program Manager, MHA, Sanford Health

If you are new to using service alerts, or want to learn how to develop a culture of service recovery to drive loyalty and trust for those you serve, this session is for you! Discover how Sanford Health has leveraged NRC Health’s service alerts to develop a culture of service recovery. Sanford will share their journey from centrally distributing patient comments to coaching leaders on how to actively address them. A workflow will be shared that helps leaders identify what types of feedback they should follow up on and when to involve other stakeholders. Find out what kind of accountability feedback loop Sanford uses with its executive leadership team, and learn about a case study on how leadership involvement positively affects follow-up service alerts.

“Recognition is the Path to Resilience”

Nick DeStefano, Service Excellence Process Manager, MS—Organizational Management, McLeod Health

Everyone wants their team to be more resilient. This session will reframe resilience and how it is ultimately achieved. It will cover several recognition programs and initiatives, both formal and informal, that have been successful and are aimed at improving resilience—many of them drawing upon Real-time Feedback data from NRC Health. Want ideas and specific tools to help you create a culture of positivity and resilience for your team? Don’t miss this session.

“From the Front Lines of Primary Care: How to Establish a Practical Patient Experience Program”

Jason Ruda, Experience Director, MS, CPXP, Tandigm Health

Join this presentation to discover specific strategies and tactics that support those who work with ambulatory and community-based practices. Learn how Tandigm Health in Philadelphia strategized, set up, rolled out, and managed a provider and patient-experience program in its earliest phases, moving from awareness-building to metrics/compensation and accountability. This program was executed with a lean staff, supporting over 180 primary-care practices, most of which were one- or two-provider entities. Discover insights, lessons learned, early results, and sample resources.

“Building Patient Confidence and Trust Through Collaboration”

Tracy Gynther, CNO, MSN, Chief Nursing Officer, and Julia Cox-Pearson, BSN, MBB, Director of Lean and Patient Experience, Wellstar

NRC Health identified “Confidence and Trust in Nurses” and “Confidence in Doctors” as the top correlating questions to “Would Recommend” in FY20, and this session will leave you with actions you can take to improve those metrics. Wellstar West Georgia Medical Center (WWGMC) worked diligently in FY20, FY21, and FY22 to build processes and behaviors to improve its nurses’ and physicians’ confidence ratings independently and mutually. Through these initiatives, WWGMC has improved confidence metrics year over year and improved its average “Overall Would Recommend” score from 71.1 to 77.4 over the last three years.

“From a Child’s Perspective….”Why Do We Have Doctors if We Have Nurses?” How Positive Nurse/Patient Relationships Support Quality Outcomes and Patient Experience”

Julie Pina, Chief Nursing Officer, Driscoll Children’s Hospital, and Evelyn Ferrer, MPA, PgC-HCAD, Patient Relations Director, Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Using NRC Health’s Real-Time feedback data to evaluate communication between nurses and patients/families, we can continuously empower nurses to explain things in a consistent and age/learner level–appropriate manner that is effective, courteous, and respectful from the patient’s perspective. Learn how Driscoll Children’s Hospital enhanced its leader-rounding process by focusing on just three nurse-centric questions.

“Developing a Proactive Service Recovery Model to Reduce Hospital Complaints & Grievances”

Kevin Phipps, MBA, Director, Patient Experience, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center

Staffing shortages, pandemic response, caregiver burnout, and consumer incivility have made proactive hospital service-recovery efforts more challenging but also more important than ever before. A proactive service-recovery model helped Atlanta Medical Center reduce complaints and grievances by 39% over just four quarters. Uncover how such a model can stop patient concerns from escalating into patient grievances. Learn how to develop a proactive service-recovery model through data transparency, proactive daily rounding, the establishment of daily service-recovery huddles and the celebration of key service behaviors, and various sustainment strategies.

“Nurse Leader Rounding: Strategies that Work!”

Pamela Collins, MSN, MEDSURG-BC, CMSRN, NPD-BC, Enterprise Service Line Educator, Corporate Patient Experience, Atrium Health

Explore achievable, practical nurse-leader rounding strategies that make a difference in patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience. Find out the impact of effective nurse-leader rounding on patient-evaluation metrics, and learn what you can do to implement successful new strategies at your organization.

Are you ready to network and engage your peers in thoughtful discussion? You’ll be delighted with this Symposium’s lineup of other insightful presenters, who will provide innovative solutions for personalized care to help move your organization beyond consumerism.

We can’t wait to see you in Seattle!
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