Full report: Appreciating the Care Team

Sharing compliments with members of the care team is a simple way to let them know the good news, a practice that can inspire them to bring their best selves to the workplace.

Snapshot: Appreciating the Care Team

There are many avenues to recognizing care providers. Events, awards, and treats go a long way, but only go so far.

Full report: Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty

Taking a broad view of experience, NRC Health has long measured trust and loyalty through unique research that reveals how sentiment shifts over time, at both the market and patient levels.

Full report: Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty in Pediatric Care

Using statistical modeling to analyze 600,000 experience surveys across more than 40 healthcare organizations, we were able to determine that provider listening matters most when it comes to building trust.

Snapshot: Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty

Check out the March 2023 nSight snapshot!

Full report: Looking back and thinking forward

This first nSight of 2023 recaps key points from each of the nSights published last year.

Full report: A close look at access to care

Access to care is a major concern for both healthcare leaders and people seeking healthcare.

Snapshot: A Close Look at Access to Care

The first step to rethinking and repairing access is to break the problem down into the 4 main aspects: Getting Coverage; Getting There; Getting In; Getting Seen.

Full report: The power of ‘doing’ Human Understanding

The Human Understanding Metric – Did everyone treat you as a unique person? – proved to be a powerful factor in both the market and the clinical setting.

Full report: The power of ‘doing’ Human Understanding in pediatric care

In preparing the nSight for November 2022, we set out to investigate drivers of brand perception in the market along with drivers of experience perception following clinical encounters.

Snapshot: The power of ‘doing’ Human Understanding

Check out the November 2022 nSight Snapshot!

Full report: Understanding perceptions about wait times

Waiting is frustrating. It is especially frustrating in healthcare, where patients may be squeezing appointments into busy schedules or dealing with unexpected health concerns.