Seeing Stars: Navigating Patient Ratings and Reviews

Understanding and addressing what matters to your consumers and patients as unique people is the key to honoring and even exceeding those expectations.

Looking Back. Thinking Forward.

Over the course of 2023, the Human Understanding Institute produced 10 nSights – focused briefs that use NRC Health data and expertise to illuminate issues at the intersection of healthcare delivery and Human Understanding®.

AI in Healthcare: Promise and Pitfalls

The use of AI in healthcare is in its infancy – ChatGPT was launched a year ago – and while there is certainly reason for optimism around the new technology, we must be transparent about its uses and circumspect about its capabilities.

The ‘Ouch’ Factor of Billing and Payment

While the billing and payment process is not under the direct control of patient experience leaders, confusion around the process has a direct, detrimental effect on the overall perception of care.

The Great Brand Blur

With these lessons in mind, organizations can cut through the Great Brand Blur by focusing on what matters to the people and communities they serve.

A Closer Look at Mental/Behavioral Health

The September nSight takes a closer look, primarily by stratifying data on both mental health and perceptions about therapists by age, sex, and race/ethnicity.

An Experience Perspective on Mental/Behavioral Health

The Human Understanding Institute at NRC Health has been making the case that focusing on the behaviors and outcomes that scores are meant to represent – rather than the scores themselves – is the key to sustainable improvement.

Moving the HCAHPS Needle

It’s time to take a broader view of HCAHPS through the lens of the elevating experience in everyday practice.

Appreciating the Care Team

Sharing compliments with members of the care team is a simple way to let them know the good news, a practice that can inspire them to bring their best selves to the workplace.

Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty

Taking a broad view of experience, NRC Health has long measured trust and loyalty through unique research that reveals how sentiment shifts over time, at both the market and patient levels.

Turbulence, Trust, and Loyalty in Pediatric Care

Using statistical modeling to analyze 600,000 experience surveys across more than 40 healthcare organizations, we were able to determine that provider listening matters most when it comes to building trust.

Looking Back and Thinking Forward

This first nSight of 2023 recaps key points from each of the nSights published last year.