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OrthoNebraska: Bringing more transparency amid uncertain times

The pandemic has laid bare the critical operational and clinical issues facing the healthcare industry, and the status quo will no longer suffice. Recognizing consumers’ shifting concerns and expectations, OrthoNebraska rethought their virtual care offerings—and critically—the messaging around them using their star ratings and reviews.

The organization recently unveiled a page to guide customers through the virtual-care experience. By displaying patient feedback, providing direct messaging, and anticipating barriers to virtual care, they have created an environment that manages expectations and assuages the anxiety many are feeling in these uncertain times. With consumers turning to the Internet more than ever, OrthoNebraska found a direct and unique way to reduce friction in the care journey while leveraging their star ratings and reviews as a crucial means of earning consumer trust.

OrthoNebraska is paving the way to a new method of marketing virtual care by making it easily accessible via a page that contains reviews by real patients.  See OrthoNebraska’s virtual-care page here, or read their case study to understand more about OrthoNebraska’s transparency journey.