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NRC Health is one of the nation’s largest healthcare performance improvement firms, supporting more than 7,200 organizations.

Our integrated solutions portfolio and proprietary methods yield insights that help clients better understand the areas that most to the people they care for. Guided by this focus, staff can more effectively impact quality improvement and cost reduction.


Letter to Shareholders from 2018 Annual Report

While most industries have already adopted an omnichannel strategy, the “digital front door” to healthcare has, until most recently, been locked. To this day, it remains easier to schedule a haircut or book an around-the-world trip than interact online with most health systems.

Seventy-seven percent of consumers begin their healthcare search online, where they must sift through a wealth of information varying in credibility and usefulness. Forward-looking health systems have taken notice that the digital front door is key to attracting patients and building the brand awareness and loyalty that keeps customers coming back.

Over the past four years, your Company’s Transparency program has provided verified star ratings and reviews for individual physicians, service lines, and care locations, enabling more than 150 healthcare organizations to take control of their online presence, outperform in search rankings, and build confidence with prospective patients. Nearly 60% of consumers now book an appointment as a result of what they read in online ratings and reviews.

But as these consumers progress through the “four walls” of the care environment, your Company’s research continues to show a widening gap between consumer expectations and the capabilities of most healthcare providers. Consumers are seeking ever greater convenience, ease, and affordability relative to their purchasing dollar.

Launched in 2018, the NRC Loyalty Index offers a proprietary national benchmark for healthcare leaders to evaluate their effectiveness in forging closer connections with the more than 40% of individuals who lack loyalty to a healthcare brand and a growing number of frustrated consumers and activist employers.

Our commitment to helping organizations “act boldly” has resulted in notable new customer wins, improved retention rates, and the majority of our legacy customers switching to the Company’s recently introduced Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform.

Uniting marketing, patient experience, and clinical services, the digital platform enables, for the first time, a complete, whole-person view of the longitudinal care experiences customers have with healthcare brands-anywhere care is delivered today, designed to support however care delivery may change in the future.

There is no better way to convey this impact, than to hear directly from those we have the opportunity to serve: www.nrchealth.com/whyNRC.

Looking to the future, my hope is that our knowledge of populations, households, and individuals will be further unlocked and available industry-wide to accelerate us toward a new era of relationship-centered care. Integrating our Company’s data directly into the workflow of our customers and future industry partners has transformative potential.

Always, and forever, it is the people and culture of NRC Health that propel your Company forward. Celebrating our 38th year, we are proud of our increasingly diverse workforce. Women now comprise 59% of our Company, bringing balance and a unique sense of empathy so imperative to healthcare. And our fearless millennial cohort-an ever-growing 25%-are driven by such passion for purpose, it is inspiring your Company to have an even larger and more lasting impact on the industry.

We hope you agree, matching purpose with profit makes for good business.

Steven D. Jackson
President and Fellow Owner

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