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NRC Health is one of the nation’s largest healthcare performance improvement firms, supporting more than 7,200 organizations.

Our integrated solutions portfolio and proprietary methods yield insights that help clients better understand the areas that most to the people they care for. Guided by this focus, staff can more effectively impact quality improvement and cost reduction.


Letter to Shareholders from 2020 Annual Report

To Our Owners:

The power of resiliency.

The chief medical officer of a major health-system client recently related his organization’s quest to move from 40 telehealth visits a day to an aspirational level of 400 telehealth visits a day over the next few years—only to find themselves driven by the onset of COVID-19 to successfully deliver on over 4,000 telehealth visits a day.

Closer to home, I vividly recall a session with NRC Health leadership in which we discussed our desire to “over time” optimize culture, consistency, and connectivity across a few remote associates, only to witness a pivot, within moments of the arrival of COVID-19, to 500 associates dispersed in lockstep.

Outside of all the pain and tragedy it represents, history may well reference the pandemic as having proven that the slow adoption of innovation and change is our greatest waste. All too often we, as leaders, exert energy setting limiting goals and inordinate amounts of time thinking too small, and gain a false sense of comfort—supported by perpetual committees and taskforces—that progress is afoot.

We must take to heart that what is allowed to remain is an endorsement.

Most transformational pivots occur in moments of crisis, when survival is only secured through the rapid adoption of innovation and when there’s no time to consider why something won’t work. In such moments, people’s intuition is on steroids, focused on purpose. Processes are quickly established, self-governing kicks in, and the village comes to life co-producing success. What was historically assumed to be required becomes disposable; the impossible becomes routine; the compression of time unfathomable.

If there was ever any doubt, operationalizing innovation is possible when hesitancy is removed. Prevailing wisdom suggests that change is hard and requires converting non-believers. But perhaps unleashing the power of resiliency, rather than embarking on yet another exhausting journey to justify the change, may provide our greatest and quickest returns on innovation.

Change is easy and inspiring among those who embrace it.

For NRC Health, believing in the resiliency of our associates is a powerful lever and is at the top of our list for generating shareholder value and societal good.

Michael D. Hays
Fellow Owner

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