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Pediatric Collab Preview | How to be a mirror, not a microphone

This spring, cultivate invaluable connections within a vibrant community of prominent national pediatric experts at the NRC Health 2024 Pediatric Collaborative. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in exceptional presentations with innovative ideas that seamlessly align with your mission. Our annual collaborative is designed to rejuvenate you, leaving you with a fresh surge of energy and inspiration to elevate the well-being of every patient and their family under your care. 

Join us in Denver on March 26-27 to discover your motivation amidst the mountains and directly engage with pediatric colleagues. Explore new approaches, embrace best practices, and collaborate on strategies to prioritize human-centered care. 

This year’s lineup includes many great presentations, including the team of Leah Evangelista, Chief Public Affairs Officer of the Children’s Hospital Association, and Mindy Adams, Chief Creative Officer of BPD. 

In this presentation, leaders will discuss the complexity of issues in children’s health advocacy, from the youth mental-health crisis to workforce shortages, capacity challenges, affordability of care, and many others.  

At the end of the day, we’re all here for one simple reason: making it possible for kids and their families to experience the important moments in life. But it’s noisy out there—there’s a lot of information flying at us and around us. So how do you cut through the clutter when you need to reach people and help them move forward? How do you help children and their health needs remain a top priority for decision-makers at all levels? 

As these leaders will explain, the answer lies in real, relatable human stories that ensure people feel seen and understood. We’re moved and motivated by authentic emotions and experiences—and stories bring humanity to the abstract, simplify the complex, and make messages meaningful. 

2024 Pediatric Collaborative

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Attendees will discover: 

  • How to effectively build and use stories as a communication tool. 
  • How to leverage data and insights to know your audience. 
  • How to track and measure impact. 

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NRC Health is thrilled to partner with Children’s Hospital Colorado for the 2024 Pediatric Collaborative on March 26-27. NRC Health’s Pediatric Collaborative creates distinct opportunities for pediatric healthcare leaders to connect, learn something new, and leave inspired to make positive change. Don’t miss a chance to make invaluable pediatric connections, dive deeper into strategic education, and reignite your passion with inspiring speakers.  

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