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Pediatric Collab preview: Understanding the board’s role in DEI

The NRC Health 2023 Pediatric Collaborative is truly a can’t-miss experience, with exceptional presentations that will stir innovative ideas for attendees to bring back to their larger PX and marketing teams. The Collaborative’s theme this year, “Understanding On-deck,” will bring high-performing organizations together to connect directly with their “home team” of pediatrics and collaborate with and learn from their peers in an intimate and intentional setting.

The event is set for March 28–29, 2023, at Phoenix Children’s in Phoenix, Arizona.

This year’s lineup includes a host of great presentations. Here, Laura Orr, Founder and CEO of Forward Governance Consulting, and Marc Gorelick, President and CEO of Children’s Minnesota, share a sneak peek at their presentation, “Understanding the Board’s Role in DEI.”

As healthcare organizations prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), engaging their governing bodies in this work is important.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to our success as an industry if we want to improve the health of all children in our communities,” says Gorelick. “Advancing DEI requires involvement and buy-in from all stakeholders, including our boards. I hope attendees will learn how we have embarked on the DEI journey at Children’s Minnesota and take away ideas to help them similarly engage their boards and organizations.”

Orr says that executives will learn how to best engage their boards in a way that propels their DEI strategy forward, specifically with regard to strategic and quality oversight, board composition and culture, championship, and advocacy. Orr and Gorelick will define the role of hospital and health system boards in improving DEI, illustrate what success looks like, and provide tangible takeaways through a study of Children’s Minnesota, which partnered with their board in the critical areas noted above.

“While there is much to learn from other systems that are not pediatrics-focused, it is sometimes easy to feel that the unique aspects of children’s health issues are ignored or marginalized at more generic events,” Gorelick says. “It is always energizing to share with and learn from colleagues across the country who share my passion for kids and kids’ health!”

2023 Pediatric Collaborative

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NRC Health is excited to partner with Phoenix Children’s for the 2023 Pediatric Collaborative on March 28 and 29. NRC Health’s Pediatric Collaborative creates opportunities for pediatric healthcare leaders to connect, learn something new, and leave inspired to make a positive change. Don’t miss a chance to make invaluable pediatric connections, dive deeper into strategic education, and reignite your passion with inspiring speakers.