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Person-centered care to elevate experience, quality, safety, and equity

Enter the world of Human Understanding Beyond | HUB24 – NRC Health’s 30th annual conference, set to take place August 21–23, 2024, in sunny San Diego. This event serves as a platform where you can engage in enriching conversations, delve into innovative concepts, and discover inventive solutions that reshape the healthcare landscape. 

HUB24 promises enlightening discussions and stimulating presentations. Gain insights from trailblazers in the field who are transforming healthcare, and explore cutting-edge approaches to personalized care, supporting caregivers, and revitalizing the human connection between patients and providers. 

Join the Human Understanding movement and embark on a journey to transform healthcare. Together, we can drive improved patient outcomes, elevate experiences, and enhance your organization’s reputation and success. 

Check out a HUB24 mainstage preview:

Gregory Makoul, PhD MS, Faculty of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, and Michael Giuliano, MSc, President of Planetree International, will address the power of delivering person-centered care to elevate experience, quality, safety, and equity.  

Given that “every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets,” it is essential to recognize system-level challenges that have pushed healthcare toward feeling like a series of transactions and constrained progress toward laudable goals.  

Taking a broad view of experience, participants in this workshop will go beyond lamenting challenges by explicitly identifying them (e.g., silos; focusing on scores instead of behaviors and outcomes that scores reflect) and collaboratively working through how Human Understanding and Person-Centered Care can provide pathways to empower their organizations.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify system-level challenges that need to be addressed to elevate experience, quality, safety, and equity 
  • Articulate how Human Understanding and Person-Centered Care can provide pathways to achieve results that matter to stakeholders

Get ready for an extraordinary experience featuring dynamic programming crafted to make a real impact on your organization. Engage with like-minded healthcare leaders and innovators who are dedicated to fostering positive change in the industry.

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HUB24 provides insights, strategies, and connections with likeminded healthcare leaders and innovators working to improve healthcare experiences for patients, providers, care teams, health systems, and entire communities. Preview the agenda and register today!